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“The Way, Way Back” to adolescence

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The Way Way Back


Being a teenager is hard. Most adults would agree with that statement if they didn’t forget what it was like to be a teenager. Just sit back and try to remember not having boobs when all your friends did or one minute sounding like you inhaled helium and the next sounding like Barry White. It’s rough but as hard as it is to be a teenager, being an adult is not all that much fun either. Bills, kids, bills, responsibilities, bills and a job! Seriously most teenagers can’t wait to be, adults. Neither side understands the other, but the cure for this is finally here. The Way Way Back is a great movie for the family because it shows how growing up and being a grownup are just parts of life and neither is as “glamorous” as it seems.

The Way Way Back is a comedy-drama starring Steve Carell(The Office)as Trent , Toni Collette(The United States of Tara) as Pam , Sam Rockwell(Iron Man 2)as Owen and Liam James(2012) as Duncan. Duncan is on summer vacation with his mother, Pam and her horrible boyfriend, Trent and how both Duncan and his mom are both trying to find love and people who like them for who they are. To get away from them, Duncan goes to a water park where he meets the cool but slightly obnoxious Owen, who takes him under his wing and gives him the attention that his mother neglects to give him in her pursuit of trying to fit in with Trent and his friends.

While this movie is funny and adorably awkward, that is what makes it so amazing because it captures how hard it is to fit in as a teenager and that some people never really find that group of people who just like them for who they are, even as adults. Both Duncan and Pam spend the movie looking for their place in the beach society, but only one has to try and impress their group of “friends” instead of just finding friends.

If you are an adult and feel like the only way you will be happy is to pretend to like people who you have nothing in common with, get in your car and go find some friends, being an adult is no fun if you don’t have friends to keep you sane and to drink with. If you’re a teenager and you think that no one understands you, this movie will show you that there is always someone out there who gets you, so stop being dramatic and find a bike and go find some friends. It is Memorial Day Weekend in New York City, there has to be someone grilling in the park, so this is the perfect time for everyone to make friends.