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The Warrior's Way; master swordsman takes on the old west

The Warrior's Way


East meets old west in this tale of a master swordsman that is forced to run from his clan and relocates to America. Yang has one goal, to become the world's greatest swordsman. And during a battle he achieve's his goal. Just as he's about to leave the battlefield he discovers a young baby. She is the queen of a rival clan. Yang is ordered to kill the baby, but cannot.

Now Yang and the baby are pursued by his own clan. Hoping to escape, they come to a rundown town in the middle of the dessert. The inhabitants are a mixture of normal townsfolks and circus people.

Yang is looking for a relative, that owns the local laundry. Unfortunately the relative has died and Yang takes over the laundry.

Meanwhile Lynne helps Yang to get the laundry going again and take care of the baby. She also helps the warrior to learn to live a more peaceful life. He even tends to a garden.

The peace that Yang and the baby enjoy is soon threatened. A group of rouge cowboys ride into town. They are led by The Colonel, who wears a mask that covers the right side of his disfigured face. Lynne and The Colonel have a history, he's responsible for the death of her family. And she's responsible for his face. Lynne has been training with knives to seek her revenge. And Yang has been helping her to learn control. But the townsfolk stop her from attacking The Colonel knowing that he would kill everyone in the town.

Against his wishes, Yang is forced to take up the sword again in order to save Lynne. The Colonel escapes and goes to retrieve the rest of his men. But by fighting, Yang has now revealed his location and his clan are coming fast.

Soon the townsfolk, The Colonel, and Yang's clan are embroiled in a total free for all battle for survival. Blood and bodies fly in the most exciting fight of the movie.

"The Warrior's Way," looks appealing and had the potential to be a great film. Unfortunately it falls short; Yang barely talks, there's not enough action, and the supporting characters have no personality. The concept was great but the execution was poor.

"The Warrior's Way," is one of those movies that you wouldn't go out of your way to see. But if it's on, you would probably watch.

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