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The Warmth of a Great Bookstore

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Armadillo's Pillow


What's one of the greatest things about Chicago? Yes, it’s known for crime, for winters so unrelenting they've become a cliche, and for having 1,000 names for hot dogs. However, something else not to be missed is that Chicago is a warm lover to students who come from all over the world to study fine art and literature. Chicago has perhaps some of the greatest universities in the United States. As a result, there are also incredible bookstores in the area. In fact there are so many bookstores, that it’s possible you may not have heard of even half of them.The Armadillo's Pillow should be at the top of your list. It is located at 6753 North Sheridan Road in Roger's Park, and has a phenomenal selections of rare and used books.
A small cozy, dusty little space, The Pillow, (as those in the know refer to it) is intimate and non-pretentious; traits often lacking in today's hipster indie bookstore culture. There are big puffy chairs to sit in, and little nooks to stand and read behind. The bookshelves stand floor to ceiling, and piles of books crowd the little staircase in the main room. The staff is welcoming, knowledgeable, and completely unintimidating to customers; a huge plus to quiet bookworms who are looking for a friendly place. The titles available are noteworthy. Customers can get popular paperbacks, romance, and New York Times Bestsellers for a modest price of $5 to $10. Also available are rare copies of Franz Kafka’s memoirs, Derrida’s complete works, and 1950’s MFK Fisher out-of-print cookbooks. Books are donated daily by local residents, so there are untold numbers of possibilities of what may come in any day of the week. What a thought! On Tuesday nights an open mic is hosted by the owners and staff. Not what one may think. Nothing silly or slowly spoken; just interesting musicians, writers, comics and artists looking for a welcoming and open space, to be free to read. It was once said that an honest-to goodness fire breather was interested in joining the open mic...Imagine how that would've turned out!


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