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'The War Wagon (1967)' Movie Review: Rights a wrong

'The War Wagon (1967)'
'The War Wagon (1967)' Universal

The War Wagon (1967)


Taw Jackson (John Wayne) has just been released from a three year stint in prison. He intends to go back to his home and take it back from the man who framed him and took his ranch. A man called Pierce (Bruce Cabot) is the man who sent Taw to prison. He knew that gold was on the land and he wanted it. Now pierce has been taking the gold off the land in what is called the War Wagon. Taw wants to rob it when it's full of gold.

When he arrives in town he wants to look up a man by the name of Lomax (Kirk Douglas). Lomax was hired by Pierce to kill Taw when he got home. Taw sweetens the deal and sides with Lomax agrees to help him. They have to cross Indian Land and Taw wants to get the Indians to help him. He looks up a man named Levi Walking Bear (Howard Keel). Now Levi is in trouble when Lomax and Taw find him and they have to fight off some Mexican Bandits.

Taw has some of his crew together but he wants one more. A young man he met in prison by the name of Billy Hyatt (Robert Walker Jr.). Billy is the man who can play with explosive that Taw wants to use. Billy likes to use nitroglycerin and Taw knows who happens to have some, Pierce. Taw goes to a man who works for Pierce but who will help him for a price. Wes Fletcher (Keenan Wynn) is one mean old man but wants to help Taw get back his ranch.

The gang is together. The nitro is in Pierce's safe and Lomax is good at safe cracking. Billy is good at using it. Levi gets them across Indian land. Wes has wagons that Taw can use. Taw is mean enough to get the job done.

Watch the movie and see the action and fun they have getting the job done. This movie is fun and enjoyable. The cast is great and Director Burt Kennedy brings one of the better westerns ever made for film. This is one you have to see if you haven't already. This is definitely a movie that you want in your library. So sit back and watch John Wayne be the actor that he was, enjoy.