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The Walls Group catchy urban gospel groove beyond their years: 'Fast Forward'

The Walls Group, Fast Forward


Sibling clan, The Walls Group, aren't afraid to express their love for God and represent the kingdom. The Walls Group became widely known when their hit single "Perfect People" rocked the airwaves in 2013. Now, the wait is almost over to get an ear full of everything the siblings have been working on. Monday, Aug. 26, The Walls Group, with the camaraderie of only brothers and sisters could have, discuss their love of creating music and being grounded with wisdom that comes from a relationship with God.

The Walls Group catchy urban gospel groove beyond their years [photo courtesy of Fo Yo Soul Recordings/RCA Records; used with permission]
The Walls Group, Kirk Franklin, Fo Yo Soul Recordings, RCA Records, Fast Forward

The release date, Sept. 2, cannot get here any sooner for those who are anticipating a spectacular album from Kirk Franklin's proteges, The Walls Group. What you will hear are lyrics consisting of substance put to funky urban beats. Followers of this group will not be disappointment. The release of "Perfect People", "Satisfied", "Anything and Everything" and "Love On The Radio" have teased the ears of listeners across the nation.

Contrary to the belief of some, not all young people nowadays are involved in unsavory activities. This group of youngsters have made Jesus Christ their center focus. Using music as their outlet to express the concerns of their hearts, they maintain their collective and individual identities. Sometimes the lyrics proceed the music and then other times vice versa, Darrell explained the creative process in which the group goes through. Rhea chimed in that they are very honest in their critique of the music presented. They don't sugar coat at all making their relationship and music authentic. In their music and performances, their differences noticeable, but yet harmonious. Their high-octane energy is contagious.

Darrell, Rhea, Paco and Ahjah joined forces with the producer extraordinaire Kirk Franklin on his label Fo Yo Soul Recordings to encapsulate their uniqueness and take them to the next level. Collaborations with super R&B artist Brandy on "God On My Mind", Christian/Gospel music top rapper Lecrae on title track "Fast Forward" and, of course, Kirk Franklin does what he do best on "Beautiful". Each song on "Fast Forward" has a message of hope and reflects the essence of God's presence. Listening to the tracks, listeners extract nuggets of maturity that is rare in youth. It's been said that youth and wisdom tend to not be present at the same time, however The Walls Group are an exception. Get ready to purchase "Fast Forward" on Sept. 2. Right now, pre-order the new project and download their current singles "Perfect People", "Satisfied", "Anything and Everything" and "Love On The Radio" on iTunes.