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’The Walking Dead’ season 4-episode 9 “After”

The Walking Dead


It’s hard getting over the carnage that befell our survivors in the mid-season finale, (Too Far Gone).

Actress Emily Kinney and actor Scott Wilson pose following a panel discussion during aTVfest on February 8, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Photo by Catrina Maxwell

The first episode of season 4 second part, doesn’t do much to waylay fears for the rag tap group.

“After” deals with, well … after. Rick, and and Michonne.

Rick looks like one of the walking dead himself. Beaten to a pulp before Michonne interceded and shanked the Governor, Rick is truly half dead.

Carl is just pissed. He stomps ahead of Rick, who can’t walk very fast. Carl takes all of his anger out on Rick.

Taking refuge in a house, in a neighborhood that looks a lot like the one where Rick parted ways with Carol.

Rick and Carl check the house. Carl finds a cool teen boys room with a nice flat screen, Xbox and a bunch of games, (hopefully not zombie themed), all useless. Carl looked like he felt a bit of nostalgia.

The guys find a scant bit of food, but Rick couldn’t eat. Carl used the cables from the goodies upstairs to secure the door and Rick insisted on pushing the couch against the door for extra security.

As Rick tries to rest, Carl decides he want to explore so he tries to get his dad to wake up, even shaking him hard, yelling at him. No go. So, Carl went out to check the neighborhood. NOT A GOOD IDEA CARL!!

All he got for his nosing around is a few zombie attacks, which he barely escaped and a huge can of puddin’.

We also see Mischonne as she made her way through the aftermath of the attack by taking two new pets. She chose two of the Governor’s men to disable and walk with her. She ends up with a small herd of walkers.

The end of the episode finally brings something good to the the episode.

On “Talking Dead,” it was announced that there would be a special surprise guest tonight. That either means that a character is being offed, or they hadn’t booked the guest yet. Either way, it’s exciting.

Everyone cross your fingers, there are still a lot of our favorite survivors outside and in grave danger.

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