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The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre by Marie Lecrivain merges magic and poetry

The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre by Marie Lecrivain merges magic and poetry.
The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre by Marie Lecrivain merges magic and poetry.
Author Marie Lecrivain

The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre


Author Marie Lecrivain merges alchemy and poetry in The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre, a collection of alphabetical vignettes, and photography, published by Edgar and Lenore’s Publishing House of Los Angeles. You may purchase a copy or view the preview of this title on the following link: The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre

The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre now available on Amazon
Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House

Artist Kevin Abblett’s vibrant, emerald inspired artwork graces this beautifully textured cover which, when held, readers will feel an essence of time travel.

Lecrivain bestows a elemental luminosity in this wickedly wise collective gaining international acclaim.

In Celebration of this book’s release Lecrivain has several readings scheduled for venues throughout Los Angeles.

6/21 As part of the Three Rooms Press Maitenant launch at 3 pm
6/28 at The Open Mic at the Encino Library on at 3 pm
8/30 at The Santa Catalina Library in Pasadena at 3 pm
9/28 at Beyond Baroque in Venice at Wyatt Underwood's Nebraska Girls Reading at 3 pm

The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre explores the correlation between poetry and alchemy through a series of alphabetized poetic vignettes, and evocative photography.

Additionally, the poems of this collective speak directly to the reader’s past, present, and future selves. Exploring the idea of reincarnation, Lecrivain expresses the importance of evolving the Self for a greater good through catharsis and cognizance.

“There’s no malice
in the transmission of knowledge.
It’s an inborn impulse,
embedded in the back wall
of the left ventricle
that drags all incarnations
to the present.” – Geber

While this tome is by no means a “self-help manual” and, in no way forcefully didactic, it is, in some light, much like a poetical guidebook for transforming one’s higher Self into spiritual gold.” –Author Apryl Skies

The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre combines esoteric archetypes, sensual language, and wry humor in a dance between the earthly and the astral, creating an altered space in which, like precious metals, rare truths emerge.” - Deborah Edler Brown

“Gnomic, luminous and witty, The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre is an unusually unified work based on the author’s experience of self-transformation. Lecrivain masterfully employs the language of alchemy to explore in various poetic forms the evolution of the self and the cosmos. Ablett’s cover illustration paired with Lecrivain’s photographs burnish the lambent text.” - Jan Steckel

“Marie Lecrivain's The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre is a fascinating work. Lecrivain travels through the gates of alchemy to pluck wonders, perfectly polished gems of hard-won wisdom. Some of these pieces are humorous and satirical, others remind me of a jam session between Sufi mystic poet Rumi and blues great John Lee Hooker; all gleam with a radiant darkness. This slender collection will appeal to lovers of poetry and seekers of esoteric truth alike. I am highly impressed with Lecrivain's achievement here.” -Alex S. Johnson, author of The Death Jazz and Akashic Shotgun.

“There has always been a broad awareness in alchemy that tended to view the lab work as a metaphor for the subtle body and, more purely, the spirit - hence the natural similarities between alchemy and poetry. And, indeed, alchemical poetry is not new. John Donne used many alchemical and scientific images and references in his work. Although the original object of alchemy was to produce gold from base metals, the discipline was later spiritualized to that of becoming transformed oneself by the processes which were developed in the laboratory for transmuting elements. Like Blake, Lecrivain’s poems use the symbols of alchemy to point to the breaking down of destructive systems and opening the way to transformation to the new age (Solvé et Coagula).” -Author, Gillian Prew

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