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The unique sandwich experience at Quiznos in Yorkville

Quiznos Yorkville


Those familiar with the Quiznos sandwich chain are certain to understand that there is a definite difference in a sandwich experience. Not just a couple of slices of lunchmeat slapped on a loaf of bread and slathered with mayo, Quiznos offers what can only be described as an all-inclusive sandwich experience. With fresh, quality ingredients and flavor combinations that are comparable to genre-specific dining experiences, Quiznos ranks high on the list of outstanding value, quality, and flavor.
It is more often the exception than the rule that a national-type chain distinguishes itself from the corporate-driven, quality-sacrificing status of the deep-fried, cost-cutting conglomerates, and the independently-owned Quiznos in Yorkville differentiates itself by providing excellent, friendly service while offering the franchise’s inspired sandwich selection.
Sure, turkey, ham, roast beef – all of the familiar standards are available as is the entire spectrum of typical toppings, veggies, and condiments. But, even the quality of those is obviously superior to other sandwich shops that might reference underground rail transportation. There are also several additional elements that set Quiznos far apart from others. First and foremost is their toasting method. Not only do all sandwich shops not offer toasted subs, some of them attempt to do so in a rapidly accelerated kind-of-way, which seem somewhat unnatural. Quiznos toasts slowly and evenly, the way that food that is well-cooked is supposed to be.
Another major component in Quiznos superiority is the offering of interesting, if not gourmet, flavor combinations. Choices such as Peppercorn Prime Rib, Black Angus Rosemary, Basil Pesto Chicken, or Chicken Milano sound more like high-priced menu items at an upscale restaurant than sandwich combinations. The quality and freshness of the ingredients substantiate this commitment to a high-quality sandwich. The offerings and variations continue in this manner to create an extensive list of flavor combinations. Of course, all of the standards are available such as tuna, meatball, turkey with bacon and guacamole. Flatbreads, soups, salads, wraps, box lunches, trays, and catering are all available, as is expected. Best to call for details.
Prices vary depending on the size of sandwich selected, allowing for even further customization, and range from about $5 to around $9 for a mammoth, hulking sandwich loaded with mounds of Prime Rib slow-toasted to perfection and topped with a seemingly endless combination of veggies, cheese, or condiments. Not only is Quiznos not a typical sandwich experience, the Quiznos in Yorkville takes it one notch higher with a friendly, efficient service, and a clean facility. Dine-in or carry-out is available. Menu and locations can be found at and by clicking here. Open seven days per week, including Sunday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Quiznos in Yorkville is located at 326 E. Veterans Parkway (Route 34), just east of Route 47 next to Jewel. Re-experience the Quiznos menu. The quality and flavor makes it an outstanding, and in many ways far superior, value. Their number is 630-882-8550.