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The undead rise to wreak havoc in Amsterdam in ‘Kill Zombie!”

Kill Zombie!


The zombie genre continues to remain the most popular of the horror genre’s these days and it seems that a new one comes out every week. Most of them fall short, but every so often a gem rises from the grave to bring something good to the genre. While mostly known for their martial arts epics, WellGo USA has taken on the horror genre too and their latest, Kill Zombie! is bringing them into the world of the undead, but does it bring anything new to the genre or will it be one that should have stayed in the grave?

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WellGo USA

Kill Zombie! follows a group of people fighting for survival in Amsterdam-West after a a virus turns people into bloodthirsty zombies. On the surface this film looks pretty much like every other zombie film, but as it moves along you will quickly realize that this is going to be an insane ride. This film brings all the gore and craziness expected from this genre, but throws in a comedic twist helping to elevate it to another level. This film is a bit silly at times not holding anything back on any level. The story is pretty simple and isn’t breaking down any walls in the genre, but thanks to some creative directions helps make it feel fun and fresh. With any zombie film the biggest star is the effects and designs of the zombies themselves. They do a good job here with the effects and make-up with the exception of a couple, but the gore is great. They let the blood flow and showcase some fun kills that is sure to satisfy all the gore hounds out there.

While this film isn’t breaking down the walls of the genre, it does entertain on numerous levels. There are some really great zombie and comedy moments, but it does have some pretty dumb moments too, but that is part of the charm. For those not aware, this film is from the Netherlands so is subtitled, but don’t let that stop you from diving into the chaos of this latest entry into the zombie world.