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The Ultimate Business Tune-Up

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The Ultimate Business Tune-Up


Have you tried over and over to create successful relationships yet those familiar struggles always seem to interfere? And it doesn't matter whether those relationships are with family members, friends, neighbors, business associates or your most intimate partner/s. Somehow, at some point, you and the other person just don't seem to get along.

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And then those unpleasant yet familiar emotions arise within you. You hear one word that appears to be criticism and your confident exterior crumbles. You feel disrespected and Anger is suddenly bubbling up inside of you because another person does not follow your advice and appears to not respect you. Someone misunderstands your intentions and you feel confused and deflated. Or, someone says just the right words and you feel acknowledged and calm or appreciated and happy.

All of us, all of the time, respond to the world around us according to our needs. When these needs are not met, our emotions are triggered no matter how rational we may believe we are. As Bill Stierle so eloquently stated: "Emotion and long term memory always win over logic and future thinking." However, the source of so much dissension and discord among people is that although we all respond with emotion when we are triggered, we are not triggered by the same words and actions. Each of us has our own unique personality style and our own long term memory which determines how we will respond to specific stimuli.

  • Want to create successful relationships?
  • Ready to persuade and influence people to respond favorably to your requests?
  • Longing to create a mutually satisfying and lasting love relationship?

On Friday, August 23, 2013, Charlene Christiano, invited a group of us to have a once in a lifetime experience at The Fishing Hall of Fame in Dania Beach, Florida. This one day event as literally transformed the way the participants will view relationships forever. I have personally had many glimpses into some of the concepts presented in this workshop from Neurolinguistics Programming, John Gottmann's marriage therapy prescriptions, marketing terminology and methods, business success planning, and more. But Bill Stierle is truly a "thought leader in how behavior and beliefs affect performance in our human experience." His comprehensive overview of why people think, behave and believe the way they do cannot help but transform the way we respond in our future interactions with others.

Who is Bill Stierle? He has helped such companies as Occidental Petroleum, NCR, Liberty Insurance and many others to experience an 11-37% increase in bottom line efficiency. His training is not just intellectual knowledge and left brain information. He gets the group totally evolved in the intimate recognition of their own "colors," preferences and emotional triggers. Based on the Herrmann Brain Dominance Model and his specialization in Nonviolent Communication, Bill's training enables participants to focus on meeting the internal needs of others, de-escalating conflicts and misunderstandings.

Bill Stierle will be returning to South Florida in a few months to provide more in-depth training in this cutting edge insight and strategy for successful relationship building. Charlene Christiano will provide the registration details when the schedule is finalized.

For immediate help with relationship concerns, contact Dr. Erica.