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The Thought Notebook is a unique outlet for artists

Thought Notebook


The Thought Notebook Literary and Visual Art Journal is a one-of-a-kind publication that combines the two art forms. The works are categorized into sections that support the overall theme of each issue. According to Kat Lahr, Editor and Creative Director, The pieces "come from a range of artistic techniques, the diversity of that which is art. Yet underlying similarities come forth." It is a semi-annual publication, that is available in both digital and print format. The digital format is cutting edge, yet simple to navigate. The printed magazine is a beautifully produced artistic keepsake.

Current issue cover
Thought Notebook

In every issue you will find

  • Founder's note
  • Artist To Watch
  • Thoughtful Project
  • Thought Notebook Online
  • Contributors
  • Contest
  • Advertisers

You will also find thought provoking literary and visual works of art. The artists are very diverse and deliver a broad range of subject matter. Each visual art piece is presented with a description. The artists are profiled in the "Contributors" section of the magazine. There are digital links for each author. This is a great opportunity for upcoming artists to gain exposure both within the art community and publicly.

Thought Notebook launched in December, 2013. The inaugural issue and the current issue, June, 2014, are available at the Thought Notebook website. In addition to the publication, you will find an online artist community; with featured artwork, contests, discussion forums and more. This allows artists and subscribers to network between issues. They are accepting admissions for the next issue now. The deadline is September 1, 2014. The submission process is outlined on the Thought Collection website.