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The Tenth Doctor returns for his second Titan Comic

Cover of "Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Issue 2" from Titan Comics
Courtesy of Titan Comics

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Issue 2


After an eventful and suspenseful debut in his first “Doctor Who” story with Titan Comics, The Tenth Doctor returns to continue his adventures with Gabby. On sale August 27, 2014, Issue Two is full of adventure and fun. On the hunt to figure out what is causing people to witness their worse fears, the duo work to fit the pieces together.

Picking up on the subway where Issue One left off, Gabby and The Doctor are being chased by a horrific creature. Depicting David Tennant’s incarnation of The Doctor, the story is fast paced and grand in scale. Using both their intellects, can they figure out what is causing the strange occurrences in time to save the human race?

Bringing together the talent of Nick Abadzis, Elena Casagrande and Ariana Florean, the pace of the story is perfect. As you travel with Gabby to understand what The Doctor already knows, terror and humor follow the narrative in a seamless manner. Where else can you get Laundromats that lead to another point in space along with a “Ghostbusters” joke?

Available in the United States in physical copy only at any local comic book store or online, the newest issue of “Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor” will hit shelves on August 27, 2014. Please stay tuned for additional reviews and check the Titan Comics website for more information on this and other upcoming “Doctor Who” titles.