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The tables on this prank have turned bloody in Hazmat



The horror genre has so many sub genres that it is constantly flooding the market with varying attempts at something new. Sadly more often than not they fail to reach the level they hope for. The latest taking on the slasher genre in hopes to stand out is Hazmat. Could this film offer something new to the genre or will it end up being hazardous?

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Hazmat follows a troubled young man whose friends has a popular gag show play a prank on him in the same place where his father was killed that causes him to snap and turn what was going to be fun and games into a night of bloody terror. This is one of those independent films that is filled with really bad cheesy performances and not always in a good way, but still manages to work. The story is pretty simple, but takes some creative directions with the idea helping it to stand out more than it probably would have otherwise. While due to what is assumed as budget restraints they never delivered any hardcore gore, but did still manage to pull off some decent kills that keep this film working in the direction it is hoping for. Besides good kills you have to have a great killer for these films to work and this simplistic idea works with little back story needed yet still leaves it open for so many directions with his insanity.

This is far from a perfect film and will be one that is probably only appreciated by those that love the slasher genre or grindhouse style films. This is a good example of using environment and tone over trying to showcase style to create an effective low budget slasher flick. It will be interesting to see if this does well enough to sport a sequel with a bigger budget that could be a lot of fun. Check out Hazmat when it hits VOD March 11th and DVD on April 1st.

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