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The Synchronicity Key, spiritual growth, and healing the shadow

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The Synchronicity Key, by David Wilcock


In the new book The Synchronicity Key from best-selling author David Wilcock, many insights about spiritual development and the process of healing the individual and collective shadow are provided. Wilcock previously published The Source Field Investigations, which provided an overview of how spirituality and the "new physics" are presenting a congruent picture of reality; a reality in which consciousness is fundamental to what appears in the physical realm. Integrating ancient wisdom and modern physics, Wilcock also draws upon his research of channeled teachings and his own prophetic psychic dream readings. In his current book Wilcock explains the significance of synchronicities appearing in our lives, showing how they can demonstrate the presence of higher intelligences orchestrating the way our lives unfold. Wilcock presents a hypothesis that there are basic archetypal roles and dramas that are built-in to the galactic scheme that we are incarnated into. These present learning experiences for our souls to evolve, and similar scenarios continue to play out until we master what we are here to learn. The process of reincarnation is examined in that context, and Wilcock describes the clinical and empirical research that has shed light on the cycles of experience that our souls progress through. He cites authors such as Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Michael Newton, who have helped expand human knowledge about reincarnation.

One important aspect of personal growth that is discussed is the shadow aspects of the psyche. The shadow is those parts of ourselves that we tend to suppress or deny. It may be our deepest fears and insecurities, our guilt and shame, or deep-seated hatred and anger. The more we repress or suppress it the more it will begin to express itself in unconscious ways. In holistic medicine, trapped or unexpressed emotions are recognized as fostering physical illnesses. Additionally, we may experience accidents or injuries that are occurring via an unconscious mechanism to bring our awareness to something or redirect our life path. Thus, from the metaphysical perspective, things that happen in our lives are not random, but are instead synchronistic and meaningful. By paying attention to those synchroncities and where they are leading us we can accelerate our spiritual development. The significance of synchronicities is not a new concept in the fields of spirituality and psychology. Famed 20th Century psychoanalyst Carl Jung was the one who coined the term synchronicity to describe these meaningful coincidences. New Age author James Redfield used synchronicities as a key theme in his best-selling The Celestine Prophecy. Wilcock takes the concept much further, as he looks into the underlying metaphysics and subtle mechanics of Creation to explain how and why synchronicities occur.

Wilcock describes concepts from a channeled series of books called The Law of One, which share information presented by a consciousness that describes itself as being from a higher "density." Human existence is said to occur on the 3rd density level, while unity with the Creator would be the experience of the 7th density level. From the Law of One perspective, beings in our reality can pursue paths of "service-to-self" or "service-to-others" as part of their spiritual development. Neither path is right or wrong, though there are implications or limitations associated with choosing a particular path. Since ultimately all is One according to this metaphysical perspective, if you seek to aggrandize or serve yourself at the expense of others you create imbalances which will be confronted at some point in the process referred to by many as karma. In this system, karma is merely there to foster learning and balance, not as a debt or reward. Wilcock cites specific examples of how current life circumstances such as illnesses or disabilities can be associated with issues from other incarnations that haven't been released or resolved. In some cases experiencing a "regression" to recall or access the soul's memories can facilitate a soul level healing that triggers a healing of a physical condition. Some prominent regression therapists who have described their techniques for the regression therapy process include Dr. Brian Weiss (Many Lives, Many Masters, Through Time Into Healing, Miracles Happen), Dr. Michael Newton (Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, Life Between Lives), Dr. Roger Woolger (Healing Your Past Lives, Other Lives, Other Selves), and Dolores Cannon (The Convoluted Universe).

Wilcock devotes a sizeable portion of his book to examining historical cycles, where groups of souls reincarnate into historical time periods to continue confronting particular challenges and lessons. Wilcock exhibits an optimism that humanity is being led into a golden age, where we transcend some of the distortions that have plagued humanity in recent history. Whether or not humanity grows collectively, we each have the opportunity to heal ourselves and progress on our own individual paths.

A major part of this personal healing is considered by Wilcock and many other prominent spiritual authors to be forgiveness. Forgiveness is about letting go and no longer holding on to angers and resentments, and it involves forgiving ourselves, not just others. Many people are even more harsh and critical toward themselves than they are toward others. Carrying, guilt, shame, self-hatred, self-condemnation, or self-rejection is a barrier to one's spiritual well-being and can also produce physical illness. If we embrace a perspective in which we are all expressions or extensions of the Divine/God, given the freedom to co-create our experiences of both light and dark realities in order to learn as much as we can and master our creative potential, then we can let go of all the self-defeating beliefs we've carried. With self-love and forgiveness we can move forward and maintain healthy boundaries and greater balance in our lives. We can treat others with healthy concern and respect and we can also assert our will that others treat us in a healthy manner. As we accept all aspects of ourselves (including the shadow) we are able to be more fully conscious and aware, and able to make more conscious choices as we function in the world. We can also have more understanding toward others, seeing that they are merely reflecting the various potentials that are present within ourselves.



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