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The Story of Infamous Film Director Ed Wood

The best film about one of the greatest film makers of all times, the Beethoven of Hollywood, Ed Wood, Jr.


By Julie D. Griffin

Wood, often acting as every venue of a film staff required as actor, director and producer of his own many different types of genre of film varieties, made his own.
Por Jose' Carlos Pormejo

~ This business, this town, it tears you up. It spits you out. I'm just an ex-boogeyman. Bela Lugosi

The soldiers costumes were very realistic. Professional Director, Ed Wood who worries about what age he produces what at fails to see as his third first major scene of the film unfolds obviously that whatever he wants to show us - That age is irrelevant. Brains and beauty, well depending on how you define it for yourself ~ Attitude is at times everything for Mr. Wood (Johnnie Depp) who knows how to mould the path of diligence evermore. The true story of Director Ed Wood brings us news about Hollywood via a type of gossip film rag. Variety Magazine. And while the present world searches for their talk of the town news online, Wood, often acting as every venue of a film staff required as actor, director and producer of his own many different types of genre of film varieties, made his own. From crime and horror to a more feminist frown of sexploitive, for today the man and his craft likely rates as mild. But it was his interesting sci-fi horror films which really outshown him as an also script writer the most. A man of great intrigue, Wood would just suddenly come up with film ideas off of the top of his head such as, I Changed My Sex. And a lot like the pre-planning Wood who able to do this since he kept himself prepared, not unlike the actor who played his character for the film, Depp was filmed during at least one academic interview with college students advising the crowd before he made the film that he would consider making a film where he wore women's clothes. However, the point of this film was not that, although he did do that. The whole scenario as it was for Depp was that doing that helped him to better understand the female character as it applies to acting. And besides, the story portrayed how that Wood would just play a female or all of the characters of a self-directed, of his independent made films himself. Because he did this well and sometimes because of budget, although the cross dressing had more to do with a childhood situation and nothing, as the film clearly depicts to do with the sexual orientation of Wood ~ The failure to find a woman to play a part, and his ability to pay any of the actors or crew up front, led him to look for those who would be willing to sit it out until the film took off to make some real money.

When Wood informs his beautiful, youthful blond, fuzzy sweater girlfriend that he has good news she thinks he found a job. No, he informs her curtly. "I met a movie star. Bela Lugosi." At the Screen Classics Co., Depp represents Wood as the likely fast on his feet salesman and film fundraiser he most likely was. Always open to the idea of an investor of the craft, he stayed awake thatwise and also had no problem at all with sleepless nights to get the work done. Ahead of his times, a few of his more descriptive films included Jailbait and even Casual Company based on his unpublished novel surrounding his WW II. status as a prior U.S. Marine. Sadly, though he did die of a heart attack at a very early age, and this was likely no doubt due to his push push lifestyle. However, he was a young twenty-six when he started making his low budget 1950's films. And the man who seemed like he was always busy, voted as Worst Director of all times, won Burton two Academy Awards for the 1994 film. But like Lugosi said during the film, you would likely have to be double-jointed or Hungarian to understand the gift of how the by now elder vampire used his hands. In order to make men run for fear like small chickens, and also to excite them enough to enjoy good cinematic art at it's finest, these duo talents often confronted even silent picture actors such as Charlie Chaplin. And the transparent Ed Wood often seemed to run on a wing and a prayer that as the dream producer of the then often Hollywood Bastille that to make any old film he wanted to, as long as he made seven reels, that to satisfy the coffer, meant he also had to sell. "Because he's my friend, he will agree to act in any film I want him to. If it was good enough for Bela Lugosi, it is good enough for the Bride of the Atom." Wood desperately hoped always that every producer or funder would accept him, would help him. He turned to the Baptist Church for funding help at one time. And they did help him. He even received a water baptism as did each of the other members of his acting group, but drew the line after they tried to control how or what method he used to make the actual film.

"The women prefer the old monsters. The blood is horror." Vampira who the first Misty Brew style horror host, like Bela Lugosi helped to make Director Ed Wood, second only to Beethoven, a name that goes down as a historical great. This story is ironically and actually about one of the best film directors of all times. The 1994 Tim Burton film, of course, a strange entrance by Lisa Marie and with Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi and the principle of Ferris Bueller's Day off, he opens up his coffin and informs us this time, the diverse actor not only of what we already know, he does this in a good way, but that it takes a lot more than just mere ability to make it through this life. In short, many vampires easily know how to sink teeth into the neck of another and draw blood. Another gentle reminder, that city girls know how to open doors with just a smile.