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The State of the Union addressed seriously

President Obama's 2014 State of the Union Address


In the State of the Union speech all we saw was “meet the new boss, same as the old boss” (wait for it in the last verse) which amounts to this image; this Country is Uncle Sam holding onto a tree root hanging over a bottomless cliff. Obama’s solution is to add much, much more weight onto the man’s other free hand assuring he will fall and die. Minimum wage increase and unemployment increase only create more unemployment.

President Obama's arms are to short to show the National Debt-give him a star for trying
Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Obama believes Washington can create a more prosperous future for all Americans by doubling down on his failed policies. Its proven government spending doesn't create jobs. During the Obama administration trillions of dollars were squandered on the failed stimulus and bank bailouts etc. Now we have the lowest percentage of Americans working since the days of Jimmy Carter. When Obama took office the National Debt was a meager $9 trillion compared to $17.5 trillion now and climbing.

Government programs and make work government jobs don't encourage opportunity. The failed "war on poverty" has only fostered more dependency on government. This is the destructive path we've been on for the past five years, and doubling down is the wrong response. It's the height of arrogance for President Obama to claim that if Congress won’t act, he will. He just is trying to bully Congress.

He's demanding immigration reform without real border security, new gun control and job-killing regulations in response to so-called "climate change." As government has been expanding, opportunity has been contracting. But there is another path.

We need to return money to consumers and business owners through lower taxes. We need to unleash job creation by eliminating regulations, cut the red tape that business owners face that increases operating costs. The freedom of the marketplace is how we will create jobs and drag our economy out of the stagnation created by failed big government policies for five years now.