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The Sound of Arrows' "Voyage", dream pop at its finest

The Sound of Arrows' "Voyage"


Voyage, the debut album by dream pop band The Sound of Arrows, lives up to the name of the genre perfectly. From start to finish, the album paints a fantastical story of optimism and hope, bright and wondrous almost to the point of naïveté. The album borders on either being a cinematic dreamland and the soundtrack to an epic childhood film. The production is expansive and shining while the lyrics are captivating and hopeful, almost like a more mature, less abstract (but nearly as polarizing) Owl City.

The album cover for Voyage.
The Sound of Arrows, Sky High

The album sets the tone with the intro track, Into the Clouds, introducing the duo’s bright electronic sounds that create a dreamy, lush soundscape that would be right at home at the start of a film. My Shadow is a pensive, more upbeat track you could both dance to or get lost in the lyrics of. But with Hurting All the Way, the pair shows that they don’t need huge production to make a great song, they’re perfectly fine with a couple of synths and their voices.

The following track however, Conquest, goes the opposite direction, putting intense focus on the electronic beat coming at you from every angle. There is Still Hope is an 8-minute epic track that takes on the whole album in that time, starting out soft and thoughtful, turning upbeat and bright-eyed, before slowing down and letting you lose yourself in the magic before fading away. Finally, the album closes with Lost City, an instrumental track that tops off the album with the most lush, dreamy, and fun production of the whole album.

If you’ve got the iTunes version of the album, you can enjoy two more songs: Disappear and Dark Sun, the former of which is a wonderfully-crafted dance track, the latter being a more experimental-electronic instrumental. They’re both great, but it’s clear why they’re extras; neither quite fits with the rest of the album.

Overall, the iTunes version of the album gets an 8.8/10. Most definitely worth a listen.

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