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The solution for those long flights

Leggage Computer Case- Keep the circulation in your legs in good shape on long flights
Leggage Computer Case- Keep the circulation in your legs in good shape on long flights
Leggage-Used with permission

Leggage Computer Case


For those that fly frequently, or those that often have long flights, you know that getting up and moving around the plane can be a hassle, but continually sitting during long flights can be bad for your circulation.

I've found a new product that could help with that problem. It's called Leggage. It's a laptop case with a built in foot massager! It slides, easily, under the seat in front of you, and once you're in flight, your laptop is far easier to extract than it would be in the overhead bin. Plus you have the added advantage of being able to slide off your shoes and have a nice foot massage that will stimulate the circulation in your feet and legs.

Another advantage of carrying a Leggage Computer Case is for those of us that are shorter, we can rest our feet on top of the case without worrying about damaging our laptop or other electronics. The massage side of the case is hard plastic, and has ridges that you can rub your feet across.

I even like using my Leggage at home when I have a lot of computer work to do. It sits under my desk and I can massage my feet while I work.

Leggage also has a long, wide outer sleeve on the front that fits perfectly over the handle of your luggage. So instead of fighting your laptop case while you run through the airport, you can slide the case over the handle and it's not going anywhere but where it's supposed to be.

Inside the case, there are separate areas for your laptop, cords, important papers, pens and more. On the front of the case, which is soft, are places to keep your cell phone, passport or other items you may need quick access to.

Overall I was impressed with the multiple use function of this case. It's very well put together and offers a lot of protection for valuable electronics, and it offers easy access to remove your computer at security areas.

The Leggage Computer Case is available on their website for $79.99, which is a great price for this case.