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The Smurflings

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The Smurflings, (comicbook)


Hey, you know those little blue creatures that run around in that magical world attempting to evade capture from that cranky old wizard, Gargamel, and his sneaky cat, Azrael? Well, as it turns out they have even littler offspring who are the stars of the new Papercutz book The Smurflings ($5.99 U.S. $6.99 Can.). The 54 page, square-bound book contains dour full-color Smurfling tales by the incomparable Peyo.

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When Natural Smurf, Slouchy Smurf, and Snappy Smurf arrive at The Smurfs village as The Smurflings, all their newfangled ideas start to turn things upside down. Whether it’s back-talking Grouchy Smurf, outsmarting Jokey Smurf, wearing their own clothes, or making up their own music, it looks like nothing will ever be the same. But the biggest change is yet to come — and it looks like Gargamel is behind it!

As with the other books in this series while the books are targeted for a younger audience, however the fun is really there for all ages, and with the popularity of the two recent Smurfs movies, it is clear that these little blue creatures — who have been with us since 1958 — are here for keeps.


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