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The smart pen just became genius with the Livescribe 3 and your iOS device

Livescribe 3 smart pen


Over the past three years, this column has introduced you to the Livescribe Pulse and Echo families of smart pens. Well at that time, the impression was one of awe. How will they top that? Well, they did it with the LiveScribe Sky WiFi smart pen. But wait there’s more. Now, entre the Livescribe 3, the smartest of smartpens.

The Livescribe 3 is made for your iOS device(s). Whether it be an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, this will simplify your note taking life. This model was tested on the authors iPod 5th generation, the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2.

After un boxing, it was charged for about an hour, although it did appear to have almost a full charge. It came with a starter notebook as well. While it was used for testing and setup purposes, the authors choice for a Livescribe notebook is the compact flip notebook, simply for its ultra portability.

So now it is time to connect it to your preferred iOS device. First you need to download the Livescribe+ app from the iTunes App Store. Then to connect, is done via Bluetooth, and could not have been any easier. You pair it like any other device. Then with the app open, you can start writing in your notebook and it appears instantly in your app. You can then send and share PDF's of your notes, memos and photos through Mail, Messages, Evernote, Dropbox and more.

One major redesign, is that they have made this like a real ballpoint in the sense it how has a pocket clip for easy carrying.

As with the older pulse and echo smart pens, this too is a "way too cool for school" gadget. The uses are endless. Whether for professional or personal reasons, this pen will be able take meeting notes, record a shopping list, take notes while recording the lecture in your 8am quantum physics class. You can view it on a number of devices for maximum portability and convenience. Again, that is just too cool, and not just for school.

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