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The Six Miracles of Calvary, by William R. Nicholson, Updated by Dan Schaeffer

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Small in size, but powerful in details, this excellent classic ...


His church, replica of Noah's Ark, Mount Vernon, WA:

The Six Miracles of Calvary, by William R. Nicholson, updated in Today's Language by Dan Schaeffer, Discovery House Publishers, 2002, 128 Pages, $6.95

American Clergyman, William R. Nicholson penned a memorable classic in 1927,The Six Miracles of Calvary where he examined"the meaning of six miracles that occurred" at Calvary's Cross. Pastor and award-winning author, Dan Schaeffer updated the classic into modern day language for today's readers.

Pocket-book in size, each of six chapters focuses on one of the six miracles that occurred that day. The first chapter portrays the "Miraculous Darkness" spoken of in Luke 23: 44-45, what the author calls the "supernatural darkness" that preceded the death of Jesus Christ. This chapter explores the blank period of time, between twelve-o'clock and three-o'clock, "a dark, three-hour divine pregnant pause," of somber, brooding silence with what that silence teaches, portrays and proves.

The second chapter, taken from Matthew 27:51 depicts the miraculous tearing of the temple curtain upon Christ's death, what the torn curtain symbolizes and why man can now approach God through the spiritual cleansing of the blood of Jesus, by faith.

Chapters three through six explores "The Miraculous earthquake," "The Miracles of the Opened Graves," The Undisturbed Grave Clothes of Jesus," and "Revivals to Life in the Calvary Graveyard."

Each chapter's comprehensive, in-depth reasoning reveals God's supernatural purpose behind the miraculous events and caused me to re-think some common misconceptions I've held.

I assumed the dead rose when the Bible said the graves opened. "...The tombs broke open and the bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life." Matthew 27: 51-52. Although the graves did open upon Christ's death on the cross, the bodies did not rise to life from the graves until after Christ's own resurrection—on the third day." Acts 26:23 "...Christ should be the first that should rise from the dead..."

Small in size, but powerful in details, this excellent classic is filled with many such small but very important facts that lead to a greater understanding of the price Christ paid for us all at Calvary. This book is a keeper for me and will be added to my store of books for future re-readings.

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