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The Silverville Saga - small town community essence with unique perspective

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Silverville Saga, Books I & II


The Silverville Saga, by Gunnison authors Kym O’Connell-Todd and Mark Todd is a highly entertaining series about the visitors and inhabitants of the small mountain town of Silverville, Colorado. Silverville captures the essence of small town communities with artistic flair, but the unusual goings on are hardly those of a typical mountain town. These two co-authors have shed new light on the way small town mountain communities are viewed. They may or may not look normal on the surface, but behind the scenes, you’d never guess at what’s really going on. The first two books are both delightful reading. Those who enjoy them will look forward to the third book. One can’t help but wonder what the crazy characters of Silverville could possibly get mixed up in next.
Little Greed Men, book one of the Silverville Saga, is hilariously intriguing as the story of how Silverville turns from a run of the mill mountain community into a hopeful tourist destination unfolds. When UFO’s are sighted in the small Colorado mountain town of Silverville, things get a little crazy. The colorful characters that inhabit this small mountain town and their curious antics lead readers through more plot twists than the curves of a winding mountain pass as events unfold with surprising outcomes. The whole town is turned upside down as believers, skeptics and those who are simply curious flow in. Small town politics come into play when two factions clash, the old-timers, happy with their small town lives and the progressive movers and shakers who want to put Silverville on the map. There’s no end to the things some folks will do to make a quick buck and how far others will go to see things put back to normal. Little Greed Men is a thoroughly enjoyable read that will keep readers chuckling to the last page.
All Plucked Up, book two of the Silverville Saga, is filled with a cast of pyschics, treasure hunters, kidnappers and chicken lovers. A hunt for ancient treasure brings a flying bread, random song, chicken worshiping curse down on Silverville inhabitants. Self-proclaimed psychic Madame Pompei thinks she can get to the bottom of things and save the town. Rancher O’Grady says in order to restore things to normal, or at least normal for Silverville, and remove the curse the treasure must be found and removed from the area, but can the curse be lifted before the whole town goes completely crazy? All Plucked Up will tickle your funny bone with the latest eccentricities of Silverville, leaving readers in anticipation of book three. What more trouble could the quirky residents of Silverville possibly get into next?