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The silver lining in Silverlicious by Victoria Kann

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When Pinkalicious loses her sweet tooth things become very bitter. She needs emergency help from tooth fairy Tootheetina – instead she gets help and notes from every holiday merry maker available. Will she see the Silver lining in this mayhem or will she moody?

It all starts when Pinkalicious takes a bite of her brothers chocolicious cookie – her tooth falls out but not just any tooth, her sweet tooth. She heads right to work and writes a letter to Tootheetina, the Tooth Fairy, she puts the letter under her pillow and waits. When she wakes up her tooth and her note are missing but there is nothing from Tootheetina. Her room, is covered in red hearts and roses from cupid, who has also left her candy hearts. Pinkalicious is not happy. She writes letter after letter trying to get an answer from Tootheetina but gets visits from the Easter Bunny and one of Santa’s elves instead. Pinkalicious is starting to get blue – what ever will she do? Will she ever get her sweet tooth back? And where is Tootheetina? Find out in the newest colorful adventure, Silverlicious by Victoria Kann.

Thanks to HarperCollins Childrens for providing a review copy of Silverlicious by Victoria Kann.

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