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The Show Has Arrived - Next Gen Baseball

MLB 14 The Show is not quite real but it is really fun
MLB 14 The Show is not quite real but it is really fun
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MLB 14 The Show


If there was any doubt whether or not the "next gen" of video gaming had arrived, all doubts have been eliminated with Sony's MLB 14 The Show. This PS4 exclusive title is a gem of a game. It is beautiful, graceful, a blast to play but also not without some bugs. This sports game is robust, aesthetically pleasing and entertaining enough to make it well worth the investment.

Even though baseball has seemingly taken a back seat to the NFL and even NBA, Sony took a calculated and logical risk when they put a lot of work into their newest baseball title, MLB 14 The Show. Baseball popularity has seemingly been on a bit of a descent in comparison to football but there is obviously still a market out there for avid MLB fans as evidenced by the fact the latest installation is has been the fastest-selling in franchise history. If you have seen or played this game, it should come as no surprise as it has the makings of a game that is outstanding and could have been one of the best baseball games ever; if not for a fairly significant number of glitches and bugs.

One of the most improved aspects of this volume in the series is the RTTS (Road To The Show) in which you can either make your own player or choose an actual player and then work your way through the minor leagues to the majors. Sony invested a lot of time and effort into making this mode much more user-friendly and fun for all positions. In previous versions picking a position such as a catcher was seemingly more work than it was worth but that has been fixed in the latest game. RTTS is extremely fun, rewarding and sometimes frustrating; which paves the way for an enjoyable experience with incentives to try multiple player positions and strategies. If you are not one who enjoys playing all positions an entire games, this is one mode that is highly recommended.

The Good:

Graphics - ***** (Five Stars) – MLB 14 The Show is a beautiful work of art that is sure to keep you visually engaged.

Gameplay - **** (Four Stars) – This title is a blast to play and would have gotten five stars had it not been for some bugs and glitches.

Multiple Game Modes - ***** (Five Stars) – From being able to start from scratch with a player you created to work your way up to the majors in the RTTS to home run derby and multiple online options; there are plenty of options to keep you happy for hours.

Fun Factor - ***** (Five Stars) – Whether you enjoy baseball or not, this game is one of the most fun next-gen games that I’ve tried to date. You do not have to be an expert either as my four year old son belted a homerun when playing the first time. He hardly knows anything about baseball yet but did not want to put the controller down (and neither did I).

The Bad:

Load times - *** (Three Stars) – Next-gen means better graphics and that seemingly means sometimes excessive load times between games. It is not bad enough to make you want to quit playing altogether but it can cause some frustration.

The Ugly:

Game-stopping glitches - * (One Star) – A couple times, out of around thirty hours of gameplay, a glitch has occurred that has caused the game to sort of freeze or just not continue. This can be irritating especially if you just stole home for the first time ever to score (extremely hard to do) and then the game freezes. Things like this are unfortunate as it can make a feeling of accomplishment turn to feelings of defeatism.


This game is a solid title from Sony for the PS4 that deserves a four star rating. Had there not been such long load times and such a significant number of bugs and glitches, this would have easily been one of the top three next-gen games overall.

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