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"The Shot Heard Round The World" - Review of New Music from Tim Piper

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Sunday February 9, 2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first appearance on U.S. television when they hit the stage on the legendary television variety program, The Ed Sullivan Show. That single first appearance is considered by many pop culture historians as the global birth of Beatlemania.

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Sal Gomez

Musician singer songwriter and world famous John Lennon tribute artist Tim Piper, a faithful and self professed Beatles historian has now recorded a original song that encapsulates all of his boyhood memories of that magical moment in time with his newly released "The Shot Heard Round The World". A very pop flavored upbeat song that takes us back to Feb 9 1964 and whisks us off on a magical journey through the 1960's to that seminal moment in time when the Beatles last performed together on the rooftop of Apple Records. With a catchy hook and wonderful vocal performance Tim Piper demonstrates his soulful and insightful songwriting ability. The song is a winner. A track that is sure to introduce Mr. Piper to a whole new audience.

Accompanied by his life-long collaborator, bother Greg Piper on bass and backing vocals(The Tooners Rock and Roll Rehab) the track is laced with music world legends including Greg Bissonette on drums and percussion(David Lee Roth Band, Ringo Starr All Star Band), Clifford Carter on Hammond B-3 & Strings(James Taylor, Michael Franks), Morley Bartnoff on Piano & Vocals(Dramarama, Cosmo Topper band), Kat Raio on backing vocals and produced by Grammy nominated Hal Winer(Rob Thomas, Steve Miller) the song soars with that melodic late 1960's feel good groove.

The Shot Heard Round The World is certainly the tip of the iceberg of even more wonderful music just over the horizon by Tim Piper. For more information on Tim Piper and his music visit