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'The Seventh Sign (1988)' Movie Review: Is this the end

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'The Seventh Sign (1988)'


The world is experiencing what can only be called signs of the Apocalypse. Father Lucci (Peter Friedman) wanders the Earth on behest of the Vatican investigating these signs as to whether they are real or false. He repeatedly dismisses the signs as false and continues on his journey. Problem is that the signs are real and Abby Quinn (Demi Moore) believes in them. She and her husband Russell (Michael Biehn) are expecting their first child. Unfortunately she believes that her child is somehow involved. She tries to make her husband believe but he dismisses it all to just a pregnant women's fears.

Father Lucci eventually will meet up with Abby and the two will investigate but he still wants to say that they are all natural occurrences. You see for the Apocalypse to occur the chamber of Guf has to be empty. Guf is where all souls are held for everyone. When the Guf is empty Jesus will come for the end of the world.

Abby meets and talks with Jesus (Jurgen Prochnow) and comes to understand just where she and her unborn child fall into the scheme of things.

For the well of souls to once again be filled a person has to offer their life for someone else. An selfless act is what it takes for the world to be saved. Is Abby up for the task and can she save mankind from the Apocalypse, then you must sit and watch this film and find the answer.

Director Carl Schultz brings us story that has for centuries captured the minds of men world wide. When will the Apocalypse come and can we do something to stop it. Christians have pondered this for many years and each century someone comes up with new signs and the end of time is here. Problem is we are still here and will we ever understand the signs even if we knew of them beforehand. This film is very entertaining and it does make you think. So ponder the end of time with Demi, enjoy.