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The senseless over the top violence of 'Standoff' is a turn off

Vin Cooper goes against a brutal Mexican drug cartel

Standoff by David Rollins


Willie Sutton famously said he robbed banks "because that is where the money is". David Rollins set his brutal, bloody and over the top thriller, "Standoff' in Mexico because that is where murderous drug cartels are located.

Vin Cooper is investigating a strike team that killed twenty people including women, men and children at the Horizon Airport near the border of Mexico, when he gets in a gun battle with drug smugglers and Kirk Matheson, a traitorous deputy sheriff. The deputy lies and says that Cooper killed the other deputies at the scene.

The CIA is intrigued. They want to use Cooper to infiltrate a particularly blood thirsty cartel run by Juan Apostles, the Saint of Medillin and his murderous henchmen, Arturo Perez, the Tears of Chihuahua. Perez likes to flay the skin off his victims.

Cooper is sent down to find Apostles, but along the way he sees brutal acts of violence at the hands of drug dealers.

Apostles, with his twin girl fiends - Lina and Daniela, are willing to listen to Cooper, who claims he can get drug shipments to America without them being interdicted by the US Border agents. Perez does not trust Cooper, but Apostles is willing to listen. But Cooper's mission is compounded by Matheson who has escaped to Apostles.

There is one violent encounter after another. A beautiful CIA agent is killed by Perez in a brutal way. A man is flayed alive while we watch, people are hacked to death by machetes, their limbs put on the jungle form to form a message to other violent gangs.

In the end it will be Cooper, who will have to figure out why Apostles attacked the Horizon Airport and what he plans to do with 1000 man army of murderous thugs.

Its violent, brutal and action packed. But the violence is a bit over the top and senseless at times.

While I liked Cooper, I just cannot see myself reaching for another of Rollins books.

There are better thrillers out there.

I received this book from Netgalley.

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