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'The Secret of Kells' (An Leabhar Cheanannais As)

"It makes the deepest emerald green ink you ever seen."


Abbot Cellach confronts the insinuated invasion of the Vikings, propped against the artistry of the abstract illustration patterns used as backdrops for the design of the film, which helps to explain a type of a history to children about the Irish Book of Kells, or otherwise known as The Irish Bible. The story done using the Irish myth style, Aidon compels Brendon to help him finish writing his book named after the film. Brendon fears the book, a likely literary analogy to a book many know as the holy bible, lost. Kells, an actual on location physical place or area, highlight the interest cartoon style. Comparing the work to either The Beatles film classic, The Yellow Submarine, the film also appears at times with the exaltation of all and many varied wiley creatures as the Walt Disney Films version original of Alice In Wonderland.

A scéal fairy iontach na hÉireann ar a shníomh aon sióga mór draíochta, ach a dhíríonn ar scéal fíor agus iarbhír faoi dhaoine cartoonized chun an scéal a sheachadadh.
The Book Of Kells

One wonderful scene depicts a chalkboard style of cartooning, Brendon who announces to a white-haired woods land overseer girl that his visit to the woods pursues his desire to find gall nuts to make ink, to make the most incredible book in the world, a book which for a second analogy, "Will turn darkness into light." Owls, lady bugs, and the enchantment of a Tipperary forest encourage Brendon on, and as the young girl leads him through a maze of forest, she explains to him that this is her only house, and that it is all she has left in the world. To please not take it away from her, and that if she provides the plants for the making of the cherished ink, that he must promise to never come back and to never bother her again. "Come away,"she begs him later, wanting to defer him from the place of suffering. And as the two banter back and forth between pagan myth and belief, as Brendon questions it's reality and tries to explain to his new girlfriend that the abbot said that such is not real, things that Brendon does not know words to explain do still happen. Watch the film to find out what the outcome and the content illuminate for you and your children.

A scéal fairy iontach na hÉireann ar a shníomh aon sióga mór draíochta, ach a dhíríonn ar scéal fíor agus iarbhír faoi dhaoine cartoonized chun an scéal a sheachadadh. Cé a rinne ach thart ar ceithre bliana ó shin. Léiríonn an (2009) Rúnda na Cheanannais a tháirgtear ag Paul Young, Didier Brunner, Vivian Van Fleteren agus stiúrtha ag Tomm Moore scéal endearment comhaimseartha. Na Stáit Aontaithe, an tSeapáin agus an Fhrainc a dháileadh ar an scannán. Ach bhí sé Chanáil Stiúideo a dháileadh ar an scannán beoite álainn in Éirinn agus sa Ríocht Aontaithe

A wonderful Irish fairy tale of a weave of no great fairies magic, but rather centers on a real and actual story about people cartoonized to deliver the story. Although only made about four years ago. The (2009) Secret of Kells produced by Paul Young, Didier Brunner, Vivian Van Fleteren and directed by Tomm Moore outlines a story of contemporary endearment. The U.S., Japan & France distributed the film. But it was Studio Canal who distributed the lovely animated film in Ireland and the U.K.