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‘The Scribe’ is another epic novel by Antonio Garrido

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Antonio Garrido's 'The Scribe'


After reading Antonio Garrido’s first translated book ‘The Corpse Reader’, I was more than excited to sit down and immerse myself in his latest book, ‘The Scribe’. Like ‘The Corpse Reader’ this newest book quickly drew me into its pages and into the story of Theresa, the young woman that is the center of the novel. Garrido has the ability to create compelling stories that combine historically accurate details with striking characters that will hold your attention from the first page until the last.

Set in the year 799, the time in history when King Charlemagne awaits his coronation as the Holy Roman emperor, a young woman is preparing to do something that no other woman before her has ever done. Theresa, a young woman that wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a parchment maker, is set to take the parchment-maker’s test. However, before she can complete the test, tragic circumstances drive her from the only home that she has ever known and the family that she loves. Forced to flee with her life, she must rely on her own bravery, her education, and the kindness of strangers if she wants to survive. Through chance, she comes to work for Alcuin of York, an influential monk with close ties to Charlemagne, and a secret about the father she had to leave behind. As she comes closer to reuniting with her father, she realizes that her family’s fate is closely tied to the fate of the empire.

If you are a fan of historical fiction, you will not want to pass this one up. Garrido takes the time to really research the time period that he writes about, which brings the story to life. With a blend of historical accuracy and the fictional characters, ‘The Scribe’ is a great read for anyone that is looking for a story that will keep them interested.