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'The Science Of Measurement' DVD Review: Pure Knowledge

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'The Science Of Measurement'


Famed author and mathematician Marcus du Sautoy takes us on a journey through the history of math. In this three part series you will learn about time, length, mass, brightness, current, temperature, and moles. You will learn of each of there uses in today's society. You will see the beginnings of how man was able to use each to his benefit.

From the earliest cave paintings which show changes of seasons, to how the animals would travel from area to area for different foods math is applied. Marcus will show the beginnings of the sundial and how at first it helped man despite it's one main flaw. He will show the uses for the water clock. How man would begin to break up his day into hours and minutes.

Moving on in time he will show the uses of the cubic rod, namely how it helped build the pyramids and how precise each one is made. Marcus will jump to the French Academie and how in 1791 the meter was created. He will show how man was able to now understand just how far things were to each other.

Marcus by going through the history of measurement shows us also how man has changed and how we use measurement in our daily lives. By understanding each measurement we are able to see the the building blocks of modern science.

Athena brings us this fascinating journey in time and the knowledge we have gathered and formed over the millenia. The DVDs are of high quality in sight and sound. The technical side to all this is easily understandable by all.

Athena is releasing this set on 03/11/2014. This is something that you will want to sit down as a family to enjoy the history and knowledge it gives us. This collection is something that you will want for your library as it will be good for many years to come. Enjoy.