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The Sammo Hung directed ‘Seven Warriors’ comes to Blu-ray

Seven Warriors


There have been numerous takes on Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 masterpiece Seven Samurai ranging from martial arts films to westerns. In 1989 martial arts superstar Sammo Hung co-directed his own variation of the film with Seven Warriors. Now WellGo USA is bringing this modern retelling of Seven Samurai on Blu-ray for the first time.

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WellGo USA

Seven Warriors follows a small village during the Warlord Era in China, who often suffered from bandits robbing and pillaging their village. In order to defend their homeland, the villagers hire seven warriors to protect them against bandit infringement. The seven warriors led the villages to prepare for war and together with their combined efforts, they finally defeated the bandits. This old school martial arts action film is one that holds up well without all the elements that make it feel dated, but still showcases the old way of doing things. The opening sequence features Sammo Hung doing his thing to set the tone and will likely keep any old school fan happy. Sadly that is his only appearance, but while you may miss him initially he is quickly forgotten as it moves forward. Being a reimagining of Seven Samurai you already know the direction that this film is going, but it still works on most levels. With most films of this time they tend to get a bit silly at times, but here they tried to keep it to a minimum so not to make the story feel silly. The action isn’t always that great mostly due to that same issue bouncing between serious and somewhat over the top unintentionally funny. Thankfully more often than not it works great, no doubt thanks to Hung’s involvement behind the scenes.

This isn’t one of the best martial arts films to fight it’s way on film, but it does a good job adapting one of the greatest Samurai films of all time and holds up to this day. The transfer looks great and is sure to be a must have for any old school fan of martial arts cinema as it boasts not only some decent fighting, but the period look that adds to the experience. Join the battle and grab your copy of Seven Warriors when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on April 22nd.

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