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The salesman is on the case in 'No Clue'

No Clue


In the world of comedy there are tons of films that come out all the time and more often than not barely live up to the genre. The latest, No Clue looks to bring the detective noir together with a comedic twist featuring Brent Butt, Amy Smart, and David Koechner but does it bring the laughs it hopes or will it be an unsolved mystery?

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No Clue follows a middle-aged clumsy salesman mistaken for a private detective hired by a woman to find her missing brother. He is so obsessed with her that he doesn’t tell her he is not who she thought he was and gets sucked into a complicated scheme of computer game corporations seeking high profits. This movie had the makings to deliver a silly classic style comedy, but sadly misses the mark on almost every level. Sure there are some funny moments here and there, but they never seem to decide if they want to be a goofy comedy or more straight with it and it hurts the overall film. This format should have taken the more zany approach to fit the concept, but held back too much. The cast do a fine job, but no one is ever really given that moment needed to help them stand out, but instead feels like they are just wandering through the movie waiting for it to all be over.

The film isn’t horrible or anything it just isn’t as funny as they were clearly trying to deliver. There is a funny movie here and had they played to the more bumbling detective aspect more that they set up it would have worked so much more, but instead it ends up living up to its title and truly having no clue what it wants to be. Thankfully comedy is subjective so make your own decision when it hits stores on June 17th.