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'The Saint Set 1' DVD Review

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'The Saint Set 1'


Simon Templar (Simon Dutton) often known as The Saint enjoys playing both sides of the law. He is an expert in the art of stealing. What he steals is usually very expensive and is usually very attractive. Oh, did I mention he also loves to steal a women's heart. He walks a thin line between both sides of the law.

Templar enjoys the best of everything but can, when he has to, get down and dirty. Since he has some morals most hardened criminals don't care for him and when confronted he has no problem letting the criminals hang band letting the police do there jobs. As far as the women The Saint meets they are usually both beautiful and seductive and usually melt in his arms. Wherever he may be you usually know that it's going to be exotic as well as one of the most beautiful places on earth. These destinations usually reek of money and women for these things seem to go hand in hand.

The DVD set includes three full length movies "The Brazilian Connection", "The Blue Dulac", and "Fear in Fun Park". The three adventures have The Saint dealing with kidnappers and the catching of murderers. Simon also has to help an old flame save her father from being fleeced in a financial scam. The funny thing is he never breaks a sweat while living through all these adventures. Guest stars include John Aston, Gayle Hunnicutt, Rebecca Gilling, and Ed Devereaux. Acorn is responsible for bringing these three movies from the 1980's to us on Aug 5th 2014. They are available now for your viewing pleasure. The DVDs are of the finest quality. The visual and sounds are the best to be had. These wonderful films will be great for your personal library. They are the perfect example of whey we have been enjoying Simon Templar known as 'The Saint' for all these years.