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'The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming' (1966) Movie Review: Detente

The Russians Are Coming,  The Russians Are Coming (1966)
The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming (1966)
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'The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming'


A Russian submarine runs aground off of Cape Cod. The Captain (Theodore Bikel) sends a team out to find a boat that can help pull them off the sand bar. Lt. Rozonov (Alan Arkin) is in charge and the fun begins. The team comes to the home of the Whittaker's who vacationing for the summer. Walt (Carl Reiner) and his wife Elspeth (Eva Marie Saint) and their two children are taken aback at first. Rozonov explains to the family that they are Norwegian but no one believes that story. Rozonov explains what has happened and asks about the police and the military that may be around The family gives up the information and the Russians leave Rozonov leaves one crewman to keep an eye on the family Crewman Alexei Kolchin (John Phillip Law) is the one left behind to guard the family and eventually their children's babysitter Alison Palmer (Andrea Dromm). Yes you guessed it young Andrea and Alexei do become smitten.

The rest of the crew run out of gas and by this time the word is out that the Russians have landed. Rozonov and the team make it back to the Whittaker's and they decide to go see the police chief (Brian Keith) and his sidekick Norman Jones (Jonathan Winters) Unfortunately a vigilante group has been formed and they are out to get the Russians.

Now this little adventure that everybody seems to be on could have been adverted if the Russian Captain had simply notified someone that they had mistakenly run aground but no he didn't want to endure the embarrassment

This is one hilarious comedy of mishaps that is a hoot to watch. What makes it even funnier is that it is at the height of the Cold War. The ending of the movie is the way it should have ended with the Cold War but we weren't so lucky.

Director Norman Jewison brings a comedy if errors that is enjoyable at best The cast are great and the movie is something to enjoy. So take the time and see the Cold War from a different perspective Enjoy.

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