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The Ruby Slipper reopens for second attempt

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The Ruby Slipper - Tryon, NC


Some say that you are wiser the second time around and for Melanie Archer; owner of The Ruby Slipper, a dining establishment serving fresh food, fine wines and gelato, the rule remains intact. Archer opened in Tryon over the weekend with high hopes and strong expectations by the local community. However, four months earlier, the quaint restaurant located on the newly renovated St. Luke’s Plaza suddenly posted a ruby-colored sign that read “Closed for winter break”.

Archer said that the harsh winter placed a heavy burden on her revenue expectations. The amount of pedestrian traffic dropped drastically during the winter months and her original theme began to wane. “My intent to be a tapas-style restaurant, serving delicious fresh food choices, however it all began to morph into a dining format that I didn't want,” said Archer.

With a renewed optimism, a spruced up menu and a decision to spend more time in the kitchen, Archer said that she plans to hold tightly to her dream and open with new energy. “We will be moving from what had become an entree style restaurant to a light fare café, offering fresh and healthy food items.

Archer also said that she plans to stick with her original wine-bar concept, offering fine, medium priced wines and tasty craft beers. “I want people to know that I will offer a full selection of wine choices by the glass and bottle,” said Archer.

Dates stuffed with artisan cheese, fresh tomato bruschetta served with crostinis and roasted rosemary shrimp are just a few of the menu options to be served both inside and out on the plaza itself. Archer said that food preparation will be streamlined and the restaurant operations will be better organized, which will provide for a happier customer experience. “I’m very excited to give something to the community that I once wished was available for myself. A place that is comfortable and fun for people of all ages to spend time,” said Archer.

According to Archer, within the next few weeks she will open for lunch which will be just in time for the warmer weather. “Last year we noticed a problem with our gelato machine that we could never seem to fix. We recently solved that problem by replacing a faulty relay,” said Archer. With the spring flowers, warm weather and a beautifully completed St. Luke’s Plaza, people will be able to enjoy tasty gelato with flavors like Chili-Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Forest Berry’s Yogurt.