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The royal wedding: There’s an app for that

A screen shot of the Royal Wedding News, as seen in The Royal Wedding 2011 by 2 for Couples.
A screen shot of the Royal Wedding News, as seen in The Royal Wedding 2011 by 2 for Couples.
2 for Couples

Royal Wedding I Phone Apps


In case you cannot bear to be away from all things royal this week, Apple has taken care of your obsession. Yes, whether it’s your I-Phone or your I-Pad, there is an app for that. In fact there are a couple of dozen apps for that. Since there are only a few days to go until the wedding, it seems a little pointless for even the most die-hard Anglophiles to pay for a royal wedding smart phone app when there are a couple of pretty decent free applications. There are five free Royal Wedding I-Phone apps in this review; two good, one ho-hum and two you should avoid and just save your disk space.

I-Phone App keeps Royal Wedding Watchers up to date
2 for Couples

Good choices:

The Royal Wedding 2011 by 2 for Couples, Free, 4.7Mb, rating 5/5 stars by 6 users

This app has five sections and is easy to navigate. The Countdown gives you days and minutes until the ceremony. My favorite part is the News section because it looks so much like Facebook. That gives it a familiar feel, is easy to scroll through the headlines with thumbnail photos to find articles of interest. The Souvenirs section is a fun look at all kinds of memorabilia such as coffee mugs, key chains, and even a red, white and blue Union Jack adorned sofa. The color scheme doesn’t match my living room so I guess I won’t order it for only $3000. I made an entry in the guest book but was disappointed to see people had downloaded the application in order to write ugly comments in the guest book. If you don’t like the Royal Wedding, why take the time to download the application? Finally there is a contest section for daily prize give-aways.

The Royal Wedding by Hello Ltd, Free, 17.4Mb, rating 3.5/5 stars by 11 users

This robust app has nine sections. At that seems to be missing is the one thing every other app has: the countdown clock. Not to worry. I think it would be impossible for anyone on the planet to forget that William and Kate are getting married on Friday, April 29th. This app recounts the royal romance in timeline format. Another section contains two photos albums: one for William and one for Kate. It gives a nice historical perspective listing wedding gifts that range from the crazy to the incredible. Of course there is a section on the beautiful ring, originally worn by Princess Diana and now by Kate. The Dress section allows you to make predictions about Kate’s likely wedding gown. The History, the Venue and the Celebration with live news feeds complete this app. This is a feature rich application I think you will like.

Ho-hum Choice:

The Royal Wedding by NBC News, Free, 18.2Mb, 3/5 stars by 14 users

Don’t let the lower rating scare you off this app. Most of the reviews were not about the app itself but from people who don’t like the royal wedding and who probably had not used the application. This is a pretty decent app with some interesting features. It contains about 300 photos of the royal couple, but if you’re already following the wedding this section probably won’t break new ground. There are wedding news reports. I liked the royal family tree with biographies to bring the names to life. It also tells us who the major players will be on Friday and how they all relate to each other. There are ideas for royal watch parties and of course you can buy branded products. If you see something you like, this app makes it easy to share via Twitter or on Facebook.

Don’t bother:

Royal Wedding Insider by BBC Worldwide Ltd, Free, 118 Mb, 2/5 stars by 73 users

This bloated app is a perfect example of a good idea gone overboard. Not only does it take up too much disk space, it contains a wedding song. It’s amusing the first time you hear it. But I agree with review after review that criticizes the song as repetitive and annoying. Many reviewers had technical difficulties with the application freezing or closing unexpectedly. This app contains wedding news from the BBC, a blog, and a clever idea: create your own royal wedding and share it with friends. This application has an etiquette section which will be helpful in understanding some of the more arcane occurrences in the wedding. This application contains videos and some reviewers complain that’s where the freeze occurs…could be a memory problem, but another example of trying to do too much in a free app. The final section of this app contains royal facts and figures. For my money (well, this app is free) there are better choices.

WeeMee Royal Wedding Countdown by WeeWorld Inc., Free, 11.2Mb, 2.5/5 stars by 127 users On the plus side, this application counts down to the ceremony by days, hours, minutes and seconds. On the negative side, the only thing this application does is count down by days, hours, minutes and seconds. It does contain the ‘world’s most popular’ avatars according to WeeWorld and they are cute. Spoiler alert: The wedding is FRIDAY, making this application totally unnecessary.

The I-Phone and I-Pad applications will allow you to stay up to date on the days leading up to and during the wedding. The photos in the slideshow are taken of the screen from my I-Phone showing The Royal Wedding 2011.