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The Rise of Dmitry: Ironclad Tactics DLC Review

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The Rise of Dimitry: Ironclad Tactics


Back in the day for gaming, we didn't have DLC. There was no efficient way to distribute it. Even then, anything that would constitute as DLC would be expansion packs, and those were mostly exclusive to PC titles. Thanks to the Seventh Generation of gaming consoles and the commercialization of the internet, developers/publishers are able to distribute extra content for their games online through the PSN, Steam, or Xbox Live Marketplace. While remaining controversial in many ways thanks to EA and Capcom. DLC is here to stay. Ironclad Tactics was a game I reviews last year and we have gotten our first taste in add on content. Rise of Dmitry is a story oriented content pack that has new cards and a new campaign to play. If you agreed with my review of Ironclad Tactics than you may want to consider picking up this modest addition to the strategy game.


Ironclad Tactics' villain Dmitry has a past too. Not everyone is born evil. Within eight additional missions the player will begin to unravel just how this sinister character developed his own Ironclads and how he used them to become the powerhouse he was in the core game. You can only play this campaign if you have completed the main story. I assume this was done to prevent possible spoilers. Nonetheless, the content still has it's own separate selection screen when starting a new game.

All of the gameplay is still present in Rise of Dmitry. Nothing is changed gameplay wise to differentiate how the character distributes his own version of strategy. What is different is all in the cards. Dmitry's Ironclads not only have a unique color scheme, but some also have a very unique feature, transformation. While I said the basic gameplay had not changed, the way you play has been altered to show Dmitry's unique Ironclad machines compared to the protagonist's Ironclads. You will still need AP and various cards to use weapons, heal, move etc. There was an interesting addition that I think makes the game more enjoyable, the ability to keep your hand at the end of a turn.

There are a total of 18 new cards to get and new mission types to explore in Ironclad Tactics. Depending on your skill level you can finish this content in about 2 hours or less. It seems to be lacking somewhat for 5 bucks but it certainly is not lacking in content like the Mass Effect 3 Javik DLC. You do get some sweet backstory for a bad guy which does not happen in games too often. Rise of Dmitry is certainly a cool bit of content and I suggest you pick this up if you ran out of stuff to do in the core game. I give the Rise of Dmitry DLC for Ironclad Tactics a 7/10. If you want to read my review for the main game you can find that here. This content is available on Steam now.