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The Right Kind of Wrong Review (Minor Spoilers)

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The Wrong Kind of Right


Synopsis: Writer/dreamer/dishwasher Leo Palamino faces a dilemma of epic proportions when he meets the girl of his dreams -- on her wedding day.

Main Actors: Ryan Kwanten and Sara Canning

Release Date: March 14, 2014

Rating: R

A quirky movie filled with strange life events that don't typically happen to your every day person, The Right Kind of Wrong will leave you will mixed feelings. On the one hand, it's funny, quirky, and the main character Leo Palamino (Kwanten) is witty and likable. Throughout the movie all you want to do is root for this guy who has seemingly hit rock bottom. At the same time, you're thinking, this guy is a little wacky and a bit on Cloud 9.

Nevertheless, the movie is about a a man who, after his wife leaves him, is left to be forever known as "the guy whose wife wrote a blog about everything wrong with him". This eventually becomes a book and the struggles continue. When he sees the girl of his dreams at her own wedding, he goes through a series of events--including getting beaten up--to try to win her affection. By the end, he begins to realize things about himself with the help of his ex-wife and his new love.

While the movie is worth watching once, it's only an hour and a half, so if you feel like you hate it, you've only wasted the amount of time you could have spent waiting in line for Starbucks.

Based off the book "Sex & Sunsets" by Tim Sandlin

With 3/5 stars, I can say that on a Netflix scale, "I liked it".