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Puma Golf x GolfsmithPuma Men's Golf Tech Short Sleeve Polo$39.99
Puma Golf x GolfsmithPuma Men's Golf Tech Short Sleeve Polo$39.99
Kenneth Fish

Puma shirt, pants, shoes X Golfsmith


Just slightly over a month ago, the fine folks over at Golfsmith sent along an all Puma ensemble befitting the one and only Rickie Fowler. We’re talking about a bright orange polo shirt, a pair of crisp white pants, and a pair of spikeless golf shoes. The three together make for an outstanding outfit, and the following will explain why.

The PUMAVision Headquarters
Courtesy of Puma

The Shirt

It may help that I happen to really like orange clothing, but not that much. The Puma Golf Tech Short Sleeve Polo is also available in Navy, Light Green, and Blue, but the orange, as you can imagine, really pops. The 100% S. Cafe polyester yarns from which the shirt is made totally lives up to the claims of fighting odors. At no point, not even after a long day of work and play, did the shirt ever really smell as good as I did. It simply remained neutral no matter how whiffy my pits got. The strategically placed coolCell and dryCell panels do a great job of keeping things cool and dry, but better still, they also help keep this shirt feeling light and airy, which is especially nice on a hot day at the country club.

The Pants

Considering the fact that, in general, I am not the biggest fan of wearing pants, the Puma Tech Six Pocket Pant has crept its way into regular rotation. The blend of 95% polyester and 5% Spandex makes the pant easy to care for and helps keep everything looking sharp all day long. Behind the scenes, the combination of the 3D Cell textured fabric and dryCell moisture management works as advertised. If you have to wear pants, you may as well be comfortable.

The Shoes

Much to my surprise, the Puma Faas Lite Mesh Spikeless Golf Shoe became an instant favorite. It is super-lightweight (6.5-ounces) with just enough Faas foam cushioning to make these as good on the golf course as they are on the sometimes rough and rocky San Francisco Bay Trail. The single-layer mesh upper with its bonded overlays is one of the best I’ve seen of this relatively new style of athletic shoe. My favorite thing about these Pumas, though, is the fit. On numerous occasions in the past, I have tried to get my 11.5D feet into various pairs of Puma shoes with absolutely no success, but that is not the case with the Puma Faas Lite Mesh Spikeless Golf Shoe. These shoes are 100% true to size and they fit perfectly. I don’t know if this is unique to Puma’s golf shoes or if they’ve worked on sizing across their entire range, but one can hope because I think they make a lot of handsome shoes and I would like to check out more of them.

For more information about this great gear from Puma, click on through to the Golfsmith website. For a more hands-on experience, you can visit one of the Bay Area Golfsmith locations illustrated on this map.

**Full disclosure: These items were provided at no cost for editorial consideration, to think otherwise would be silly.