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‘The Returned’ zombies live among us

Alex gets ready to turn back into a zombie
Alex gets ready to turn back into a zombie
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The Returned


In Manuel Carballo’s new film, “The Returned,” the plot line is not your normal zombie fare.

It’s 20-years post zombie making virus is beaten by an anti-virus.

Anti-virus zombies known as the Returned are treated with a shot of the anti-virus that they must take everyday for the rest of their life or it’s brains for dinner for them.

Kate, (Emily Hampshire), is married to Alex, (Kris Holden-Ried). Kate is a doctor and Alex teaches music and is a Returned.

There is a rumor going around that the anti-virus supply is low and isn’t being replenished. This has stirred up the anti-returned group who wanted them put somewhere by themselves or out right killed.

As things are getting worse for the Returned, Alex picks this time to tell his best friend, Jacob, (Shawn Doyle), that he is one of them. His friend acts like it’s no big deal and that he still wants his best friend in his life. His wife, Amber, (Claudia Brassols), also takes the news well and tries to comfort Kate.

Kate works in the ward where the Returns are treated. One night some masked men go into the ward and keep Kate and her nurse at gunpoint. A few of the guys go to the ward where the group are sleeping peacefully and shoots all of them in the head. They also take the anti-virus that the hospital has. This is too much for Kate, she sees the writing on the wall and takes a month off to be with her husband and decide what to do.

Kate has been buying stolen anti-virus from one of the pharmacists at the hospital, but that avenue suddenly dries up.

With anti-virus impossible to come by, Alex is in mortal danger. What is the answer to this life or death situation? Will Kate be able to come up with a new treatment, or find some anti-virus elsewhere? It’s all a delicious zombie treat. Much like the TV show by the same name that will be showing it’s second season soon, “The Returned” is understated when it comes to zombies. Some situations are shown with them, but this film is much more than just another gore fest. It brings up some issue, such as, Nazi treatment of the Jews, the camps, the horror of that time becomes the horror of the Returned as they are rounded up and put in government camps, for their own safety.

This is an excellent film with a an interesting vibe.

The actors are top notch, especially Kris who plays the ill-fated Alex. He wants so badly to live, but if he dies he doesn’t want to put his friends and family at risk. He’s what I would call a real man.

"The Returned" is now in limited release, check your area. It is also available on VOD.

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