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The Republic of Tea's Grantham Breakfast Blend: Rich flavor to start your day

Grantham Breakfast Blend, a hearty black tea, is part of The Republic of Tea's  Downton Abbey series
Grantham Breakfast Blend, a hearty black tea, is part of The Republic of Tea's Downton Abbey series
bj gulley



Grantham Breakfast Blend tea, like the fictional Downton Abbey family that inspired it, is strong, rich and with enough spice to keep you coming back week after week and cup after cup.

Hearty and spicey, Grantham Breakfast Blend is great for breakfast or an afternoon tea
bj gulley

Part of the Downton Abbey-themed teas from The Republic of Tea, the Grantham Breakfast Blend is made from Assam black tea and organic ginger root. The tea is malty and peppery, but neither flavor overpowers the other. It's delicious on its own, but with an addition of milk, it can turn into a delightful creamy tasty treat. A great way to start the day before surveying the manse or a sumptuous afternoon treat to enjoy in the drawing room, Grantham Breakfast Blend works as hard as Carson, yet is as indulgent as Cousin Rose.

The Downton Abbey teas come in elegant tea tins, featuring pictures of the Crawley family, with a postage stamp-sized rendering of the Grantham home above. The cream-colored tins are topped with gold caps. Decorative as utilitarian, you'll want to leave these out on your counter as much for convenience as for gallery appeal.

Each tin contains 36 round tea bags, so these are easy to take from your country estate to the office or your home in the city. For Grantham Breakfast Blend, we steeped the tea at three minutes and it yielded a smooth, hearty, spicy blend - a perfect cup to start the work day or splurge on the weekend (whatever that may be).

A great cup of tea for any black tea fan looking for a bit of spice, or a must-have for all Downton Abbey fans. The Downton Abbey teas come in individual tins or gift sets. For more information or to place an order, check out the Downton Abbey page on The Republic of Tea website.

Reviewers note: Grantham Breakfast Blend was sent to this reviewer based on previous writings as a Downton Abbey fan.