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The Rance Allen Group are back 'A Lil Louder'

The Rance Allen Group, A Lil Louder (Clap Your Hands)


Living legends, multi-award winning Tyscot recording artists, The Rance Allen Group continues to bring fresh music since their inception in the 1970s. Their new single "A Lil Louder (Clap Your Hands)" is sure to get you up and on your feet giving God praise. In a recent interview with virtuoso Rance Allen, he expounds on their secret to longevity and gives words of wisdom to the younger generation.

The Rance Allen Group are back 'A Lil' Louder' [photo courtesy of The Rance Allen Group/Tyscot Records; used with permission]
The Rance Allen Group, Tyscot Records

Get ready to clap your hand and stomp your feet. Combining the old with the new, The Rance Allen Group is shaking it up with their new single "A Lil Louder (Clap Your Hands)". Always on the cutting edge of music, they have encouraged and entertained many. Listen to some of their signature songs, such as "I Belong To You", "You Make Me Wanna Dance" and "Miracle Worker", it's evident down through the years they were on to a sound that encompasses Gospel music, Soul and R&B.

The Rance Allen Group's longevity comes from being rooted in God and their ability to grow and build upon what they have already established. "What keeps me consistent is that I always have people around, the younger [people]...they're around me. They might throw in an idea or suggest something... I receive it with excitement. I'm not one of those that [think] I know it all and nobody else knows nothing. I use some of the best musicians. My brothers and I still make our input into the lyrics and the music itself. With all of that coupled together that's really what you call collaboration. It turns out for the good of the project instead of one or two people," shares Rance Allen.

Reminiscing, Rance Allen talks about a stretch of time between 1972 and 1974 while hanging around Stax Records studio he absorbed a lot of knowledge from the likes of Isaac Hayes, Johnny Taylor, David Porter and others. Speaking to the young people, Rance advises them to " at what you do. Do what you do. Give it to the Lord and let the Lord do the rest... Turn that piece of music over into the hands of the Lord and tell him that you have done it for his glory and you expect victory to come out of it. Don't let anxiety get in the way of you doing. So many people can't do what they're supposed to do because of anxiety. If I had known that many many many years ago I'd probably be farther along than I am now."

Part of growth is listening to those who have gone down the same path. Those, such as The Rance Allen Group, have a wealth of knowledge to give to those who would take the time to hear. If you want to know what great musicianship and lyrical content is all about, purchase The Rance Allen Group's music via iTunes or any other digital music outlet. Make sure to keep a look out for their new project that will be sure to bless new and old listeners alike.