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The Raid 2

Rama, our favorite Indonesian cop, is in the fight of his life again.
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The Raid 2


Picking up two days after the events in the classic film The Raid: Redemption, Rama, the rookie cop is faced with saving his family. His brother has just been murdered and now he risks being attacked by crooked cops and the mob. Rama's activities at the dreaded apartment building from the first film is kept secret by a tough police unit that is trying to stop the corrupt cops, politicians, and mobsters.

Rama's only choice is to go deep undercover in prison and try to get close to the son of an Indonesian crime boss. Rama's family is moved to a safe location. But things don't go according to plan. Rama has to fight for his life in a fantastic fight taking place in a prison bathroom. Rama mercilessly beats the prisoners until their massive numbers overwhelm him. This gets the attention of Uco, the son of the local crime boss who is currently in the same prison.

Rama turns down an offer to join Uco; but ends up saving him, mistakenly thinking that a courtyard attack is for the undercover officer. The courtyard battle is an excellent example of straight-on, realistic fighting. No wires, no ridiculous techniques. It's an all out fight between prisoners attacking prisoners, guards, and this all happens in the muddiest yard you've ever seen.

Rama is eventually released two years later; he was planning to only be in for a few months. Uco, greatful for Rama saving his life, has worked out a deal with his dad to take the undercover officer into the family. Of course Rama still has to earn the trust of Bangun, even if he did save the boss's son.

The young officer works tiredlessly to gather evidence for Bunawar, the taks force superior. Bunawar convinces Rama to dig even deeper to fish out all the corrupt officers. This puts Rama into conflict with not only protecting his family, but how far he has to go to complete his mission.

At the same time, Uco is plotting with another crime figure to take over his father's operations. The goal is to start a gang war between the Japanese Yakuza and Indonesian mob; which has had peace for ten years.

Unlike the original Raid, this time there is more vulgar language and sexual situations. And the edge of your seat tension is not present as before. But once the action kicks in, you will jump out of your seat at the sheer viciousness in the fighting. And anything is a deadly weapon. One hitman uses a baseball and bat. And when he asks you to return the ball, you better comply.

Another hitwoman uses two hammers in a way that will make you look twice at the tool. But you will also think, "Yeah I would do the same thing if that was my weapon." You will see moves you have never seen before. And even knife techniques that are unique to the style of the Raid movies. A sequel worth watching. Just have a strong stomach.