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The quirkiness of 'Beautiful Katamari,' a review

Beautiful Katamari
Beautiful Katamari
Namco Bandai

Beautiful Katamari


For those of you who are unaware of the bizarre-ness of ‘Katamai,’ it can be summarized as one of those ‘weird Japanese games.’ The logic of it doesn't make a lick of sense most of the time, but its quirky design and unusual style of gameplay is one of the most memorable.

‘Beautiful Katamari’ (2008) is one of the games in the franchise for the Xbox 360. The premise of the game is the same as the first ‘Katamari’ game. You play as the ‘Prince,’ son of the King of All Cosmos. Something screwy happened during their vacation, which created a black hole that screwed up the planets that were originally made up by the Katamaries from the previous game(s).

The Controls and Mechanics

This game is considered a puzzle game. Beginner players be warned: first timers will need some practice to get used to this game. Instead of controlling the movements with just the left stick, the player must utilize both sticks to control the Katamari. This gives the stick ball a more realistic sense of balance in order to roll it.

The point of the game is to roll the Katamari into stuff to make the ball grow. But the player can’t just roll into anything at first (that would be far too easy). The Katamari must be rolled into small objects first. Once it is big enough, it can roll into bigger objects, and then even larger objects, and it goes on. Even people and cars can be rolled up! There are a few tricks the player can do in order to make rolling faster, or control the direction of the Katamari, lest they become stuck.


‘Beautiful Katamari’ is simplistic in the best way a game can offer. Most of the designs are blocky, but that is due to the style. This game plays for it’s unusual skill set, not graphics. Good games do not always need graphics in order to give players a memorable experience.

Recommendation and Final Thoughts

If you happen to come across this Katamari game or any of the others, it’s worth a playthrough with some good friends. It is highly recommended that this game should be played with a friend or a group of friends.

General rating of this game is a 3.2- play if you are interested in the experience, because… there are very few games that are as quirky as ‘Katamari.’