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'The Purge: Anarchy' delves into another aspect of the cleansing process

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The Purge: Anarchy


The Purge: Anarchy” which debuted on Friday, is a follow up to the original film but given at a different perspective. It stars “Captain America: The Winter Soldier's” Frank Grillo and it appears he has some sort of motive as he prepares to take a dive into being exposed during the night of the annual purge.

This time, the film takes the audience into different aspects of the community as people prepare to head home for safety, while others who support the cause are ready to claim their next victims. Even if it means putting food on the table by reaping these poor souls so that the super rich can enjoy their annual “fun.”

Grillo, who appears to be an experienced tactical expert in the use of automatic weapons, makes his way through the community as he's interceded by victims being forced out of their homes at gun point and being commandeered to an undisclosed location. Grillo's character only goes by the name or title, rather, of Sergeant. Also, there is an underground movement of people opposed to “The Purge” as they make their way through the night taking out those who support the “cleansing process.

Interestingly enough, the sequel seems to follow the same pattern of those under the safety of their own homes are not safe as treachery occurs in some kind of last minute effort to kill those they harbor ill will towards. Not unlike the boyfriend taking out the unapproving father of the daughter, played by Ethan Hawke, so the significant other could finally “get the girl” without the objection of said family member.

There seems to be a common trend that follows in the sequel as the wife kills her sister because of an affair that had occurred between her husband and the aforementioned woman. The film seems to delve into what people are really thinking if given the opportunity to “purge” because of something as simple as jealously or even the most frivolous of things that people tend t harbor within. Basically, the premise of the film seems to give people an excuse to “purge” if you are sick of your neighbor's loud music.

That all being said, this is where the underground movement that opposes the Founding Fathers as they allow this ridiculousness to occur. That allowing people to judge for themselves who they can and can't take out over something quite frivolous is something that needs to be stopped. Of course, just like in real life society, the resistance in the film feels its the almighty dollar that's the motivation behind the cleansing of society.

The film, thought not necessarily post apocalyptic, does have its tie-ins to more of an Orwellian society, but without the thought crimes. It dabbles into the inner psyche of society as to what would they do if given a certain situation and put to the test.

Grillo's character is a testament to this as he feels justified in taking out the drunk drive that killed his son in an accident as he got off scott free. Grillo indeed gives an emotional performance as he displays his acting abilities to the fullest extent and is quite convincing. The situation is quite intense as the man who killed his son pleas with the emotional father and the actor who plays the suspect seems to show true sympathy for Grillo's character.

The film's action is par for the course as Grillo's chacter and the people he rescues goes on a typical “Die Hard” adventure similar to that of John McClain as they attempt to circumvent the purging society.