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'The Princess Bride'

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A love story filled with pirates, vagabonds and some real sweet romance.


By Julie D. Griffin

Once upon a time, a story filled with pirates, vagabonds and sweet romance happened. The Princess Bride as one grandfather reads a fairietale bedtime story to his grandson, relates ~ His name was Wesley. But she never called him that ~ "As you wish," was all he ever said to her. What he meant was, I love you. And then came the day when she realized she truly loved him back. When the small town farm boy packed his things to go across the seas ~ The dread pirate boats attacked him while enroute to his journey. She thought she had lost him forever. She went into her room to sleep for a very long time. And said, "I shall never love again." Buttercup, the princess bride, thought that her prince, actually a poor hometown farm boy by origin had died while away at sea. She was next forced thereby to marry instead King Humperdink, who assured her she would grow to love him. And yet, one thug played by a real life world wide wrestler, after she, the princess bride kidnapped by the workers of a circus, she tells them succinctly that once the prince, that is, her prince finds them that he will hang each single one of them by the neck. They throw her out into an ocean of sharp tooth, shrieking eels. And she survives. A group of marauders who decide to murder one princess bride before she may fulfill her true and no longer mere imagined and fantasy destiny ~ She soon finds out that one who she barely trusted only wanted to use her to start a war. I suppose you think you are brave, do you not, mock the circus workers. "Only compared to some," answers the wise princess for her reply. But deep down, it is the deepest, darkest most sublime and slippery walls of a deep, dark pit into which they must fall. And between the two, the other kingdom already extensively warned about the tricky other kingdom, a troll disguised as a king of low deploy, the dumb other kingdom falls headlong for the bait. And thus trapped, and while although vastly and already warned of the tricks of the other kingdom soon just as the father of one young pirate knight fall to their dumb deaths. "I sware on the soul of my father, Domingo, you will reach the top of the rope alive," though. The mist and the great run with the princess and only to hide her out and not murder her, one man alone does battle for her. The guitar player from Spinal Tap who plays 2nd in Command to the prince, and so they reserve any who do compel the others to make a rescue of the princess who by now unblindfolded, at that time by the circus creatures sits atop a sunny mountain, alive. Three important cinematic scenes evolve during most of the dramatic flight to force the princess by kidnapping out of her palace. The love scene. The forest scene. And third, the quicksand in the forest scene. But who shall rescue her, his identity covert by a black silk mask, with real vintage design, she should have known by his words alone who he was. Albeit, it is not until she falls down the hill that she does. As you wish. And during one romantic stroll through the forest, the two encounter some rather large rats which he refers to as rodents of unusual size. A fairietale a cut above the rest, as her dress remains spotless throughout, and the story almost better than the The Witch And The Wardrobe of C.S. Lewis. A Rob Reiner and William Goldman Production, the Celtic as fairietale story of a 1987 film is narrated by Peter Falk in the form of a grandfather reading his grandson a bedtime story. A near perfect Valentine Day film for one inevitable romantic romp, saavy, the film does describe the three main elements of real love which do perfectly coincide with the three main compound scene scenario. That of love, friendship and life companion..


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