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'The Prince of Egypt' is an impressive film

The Prince of Egypt


Recently, "Noah" was released in theatres and reviewed in this column last weekend. As so many critiques of this film have noted, filmmakers have tended to stay away from biblical stories. However, there are some examples, such as the 1998 animated musical "The Prince of Egypt."

In "The Prince of Egypt," Ramses (voiced by Ralph Fiennes) has grown up with his adopted brother, Moses (voiced by Val Kilmer), in a royal Egyptian family. The brothers had a good relationship, until Moses learned that he is the son of Hebrew slaves. After learning his true identity, he runs from the city and goes into the desert. Here, God tells him he is to free the Hebrew people. Ramses, now the Pharaoh, is hostile to his brother's sympathies and much strife ensues.

"The Prince of Egypt" has cutting edge animation and great character designs. Whereas many filmmakers cast biblical characters with European features, this movie has characters who possess historically accurate middle eastern features.

There are many great scenes in the film. One is a chariot race between Moses and Ramses early in the film. Also, the plagues are very well done, such as when fire comes from the sky. Another memorable scene is the parting of the Red Sea. The way the water goes up is breathtaking.

This movie has a very good cast. Val Kilmer is a great Moses, and Ralph Fiennes is a great Ramses. These characters have an interesting relationship. Although they become bitter rivals, they were raised as brothers, so they continue to possess affection for each other.

With an impressive cast, great music and several memorable scenes, "The Prince of Egypt" is well-worth watching for animation fans.