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The Pretty Reckless gets fans on their feet during Summerfest afternoon show

Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless performing at Summerfest (6/27/14)
Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless performing at Summerfest (6/27/14)
Emily Carl

The Pretty Reckless at Summerfest


This afternoon, June 27, The Pretty Reckless played an hour-long concert beginning at 3 p.m. at Summerfest's Harley-Davidson stage. While there were certainly a lot of fans there waiting for the 10 p.m. headliner, Five Finger Death Punch, a large crowd of fans gathered ready for The Pretty Reckless.

Taylor Momsen during The Pretty Reckless live at Summerfest
Emily Carl

The Pretty Reckless is a rock band made up of Taylor Momsen ("The Grinch", "Gossip Girl") on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Ben Phillips on lead guitar and backing vocals, Mark Damon on bass guitar, and Jamie Perkins on drums and percussion. Their debut album, Light Me Up, released in 2010 and their latest album, Going to Hell, released in March, 2014.

Taylor Momsen makes a great lead singer because, not only does she have the voice for it, but she has a stand-out stage presence. She just as easily gets the crowd going through screams, vocals, and moving across the stage as she does by simply raising her arms while otherwise perfectly still and silent.

Momsen's vocals are strong and a great attribute to the band, but unfortunately they didn't make it across to the audience half of the time. Likely a technical problem with the sound (there was a pause after the first song to correct sound issues), vocals were often drowned out by the rest of the band. On a recorded track, each musician's part comes together well to create the band's sound, but this particular event left the vocals overpowered. That being said, the concert came with a lot of incredible drum and guitar solos and the audience was singing along in spite of the few songs that downplayed the vocals.

To these fans, then, the only problem was that it was only an hour-long set. Considering the crowd that drew for an early afternoon concert and the buildup surrounding The Pretty Reckless on the Summerfest lineup for that stage, it would have made sense to either put them at a later time (such as an 8 p.m. opener slot for the headliner) or to add another half hour to their set. A handful of diehard fans even went so far as to climb on the fence leading backstage to call out for Momsen after the show.

Ultimately, The Pretty Reckless put on a great hard rock show that brought in a large crowd for an early afternoon set, but technical difficulties with sound and their timeslot held them back from what could have been an even better show. Fans were on their feet the whole time, regardless of the time or sound issues, which goes to show their potential as a later opener in the future.


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