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The Premiere F.R.E.S.H. Artists Showcase #1

Music & Art Event


Despite the inclement weather last night, lovers of good music still came out to the Takoma Station Tavern in support their favorite indie artists at The Premiere FRESH Artist Showcase presented by Briggs Enterprises. There is so much untapped talent in the music industry especially within the Washington DC area and thankfully there is an outlet such as FRESH to help shed some sound to the ears that would otherwise remain deaf to many of the dope artists that performed last night. The event was sponsored in part by Rebirth Energy Drink, We R Not Equal, Indie Adams Morgan, Backspin Musiq, The SOULetter, DC's Most Fabulous Magazine, The Indie Effect, Suite Life Radio, Future Soul Sessions, and their sponsorship was not in vein. The potpourri of genres and musical instrumentation did not disappoint. The ‘underground’ atmosphere of Takoma Station Tavern made for a conducive feel of free flowing artistry without an err of pomp and circumstance. There was something for everyone from Rap to rock to soul to pop from this world and beyond. The list of performers included:


DC Dough
Javier Starks
StarTr3k Jones
Amber Mimz
The Coolots
KImani Amor
Uptown Hunter
Marley Kvsh

The really great thing about FRESH is that it’s not just a platform for artist and their music. It also helps them spread awareness for any causes that they may be involved with or any new and relevant campaigns that are aiding in strengthening our local communities. Many of the artists apart of FRESH are very passionate about the youth and making sure their future is brighter. They are in turn using their voices to help do so. This series is not just for performing artists but also vendors, hosts, poets, promoters, venue owners and more. According to founder and overseer DeLonte Briggs the main goal of the FRESH series is to present quality networks for artists and those who love them. It is to serve as a watering hole of sorts for all artists to convene, connect, and create. A few of the artists on the FRESH roster were available for brief guerilla style interviews and here’s what they had to say:

Who are your biggest musical influences?

StarTr3kJones: Artists like Michael Jackson and Steven Tyler (Dream On).

Danni Cassette: Honestly, like people who aren’t even here anymore like Ella Fitzgerald, I love old music like minstrel shows, and blues, and jazz that really is the core of me, but I am into stuff from now like Jesse Boykins, Thundercat, and Ari Lennox, whose from this I love her, but I just always pull from the older, that’s just my spirit.

BOOMSCAT: Patience/ I love Jill Scott for years since high school I love what she does, Sarah Vaughn, Ledisi is one of my root s I’m in love with her voice and the dynamics of it, I love jazz, and scat.
Asha/ You sure you’re not gonna judge me? Cause when it comes to singing… Look aight music wiase, Erykah Badu and Pharrell, but singing wise, Tank, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown I love them I sing to them all the time. You’re the first person to know that publicly.

How would you define your sound?

Javier Starks: I would say my sound is a combination of classic acoustic good music, like natural im pushing towards the natural direction, but it’s still FRESH, no pun intended. It’s really FRESH… I am the lane I create my own lane I can make any genre of music and it will sound good. That is a promise.

What have you discovered about yourself in your latest project?

StarTr3kJones: I am an overcomer and that’s one thing that I will say because I have been through so much. Anybody that’s been through anything will be able to build a bond with me through my music and you will understand that through betrayal and trust issues and losing people that you love that you are stronger and at the end of the day your pen is the difference between playing Russian roulette- because I've been there and done that, or spending a year in the mental hospital because you lost your daughter; you were the driver in the car that was intoxicated and were the reason why you lost your daughter. So it’s more about overcoming and becoming stronger and learning from situations. I have a son now, so I am more focused on what I need to do and what needs to be done. I don’t drink or smoke. I left that alone. I’m focused on being a better person than I was yesterday, and overcoming my situations every day.

What is Music to you?

Amber Mimz: Music is a companion for me. Music is Love. Music is everything. Everything.

The FRESH Artist Series Shocase is going to be a monthly event hosted at different locations around the city. If the caliber of artists is as good at next month’s showcase as they were last night, newcomers will definitely be in for an artistic treat. For more information on The FRESH Artist Showcase please visit

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