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The power of the gods in Marvel's 'Thor'

Thor (film 2011)


When the warrior god Thor is banished from his home and left alone and powerless on Earth, he must embark on a journey to regain his power and reclaim his place as the favored son of Asgard.

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When we first meet Thor, he is an arrogant, hot-tempered, and impulsive man-child who is not yet ready to wield the power that comes with being king. When Odin banishes him to Earth, Thor must put his trust in Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) as he struggles to cope in this strange new world. When Thor and his fellow warriors find themselves fighting a deadly foe wielded by the malevolent Loki, Thor’s courage and sacrifice are what allow him to finally defeat his malevolent brother and his god-like power is restored.

As the younger of the two brothers, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) grew up in the shadow of his favored brother, Thor. When Thor is banished, Loki seizes the opportunity to finally rise to power and claim what was so long denied to him: recognition of his worth. While claiming the throne of Asgard granted Loki a sense of power, being king was not his true goal. His actions are motivated by his jealousy and insecurity of being the less favored son, and his manipulative scheme to become Asgard’s king was really a plea to his father to recognize Loki as Thor’s equal. His failure to win his father’s love is ultimately what shatters Loki.

Thor’s magic hammer, Mjolnir, plays a significant part in Thor’s journey. When Thor’s arrogance and pride sparks a war between his father’s kingdom, Asgard, and a neighboring realm, his father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins) banishes Thor from Asgard. Although he strips Thor of his power, Odin secretly sends Mjolnir to Earth, foretelling that when Thor may reclaim his power only when he proves himself worthy to wield it. When Thor discovers Mjolnir in the desert, he attempts to wield it, but without his strength, he is cannot lift the weapon. His failure to claim Mjolnir shatters any hope of Thor being able to return to Asgard and, finally defeated, he is forced to accept that he must remain on Earth. When Thor finally proves that he is worthy of possessing his god-like powers again, Mjolnir is restored to him and he is able to reclaim his identity as the god of thunder.

"Thor" is a film that combines an intriguing and well-portrayed story with an exceptional cast and a unique and vibrant design that will leave the viewer riveted from start to finish. If you enjoy a good superhero movie, then "Thor" is definitely worthy of your time.